What, Why, And When Does Altcoin Season Happen To Cryptosphere?


07 May 2022

Some suspicions: Will an altcoin season be in 2022 when most cryptocurrencies are accumulating continuously for more than 100 days? 

For  “altcoin” despite the decline, there has been a tremendous amount of development of decentralized finance (DeFi) technology applications and cryptocurrency ecosystems that enable individuals to trade and lend their tokens without the assistance of a conventional financial institution.

With all of this activity and volatility, some have speculated on the future of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Will Bitcoin maintain its dominance and skyrocket in value? Will more coins challenge for the top place in the field? Insiders have already devised a term to describe the risk of Bitcoin stalling out as the value of other cryptocurrency goods and tokens rises. The season for altcoins is in full swing.

In this post, bePAY will show you what exactly altcoin season is, as well as some signals to realize them to take advantage of.

What Is Altcoin Season?

What Is Altcoin?

Alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin are known as altcoins (alternative coins). They share traits with Bitcoin but are also distinct in other respects. For example, some cryptocurrencies utilize a different consensus process to build blocks or verify transactions. Or they separate themselves from Bitcoin by delivering new or extra features, such as smart contracts or minimal price volatility.

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What Is Altcoin Season?

Alternate cryptocurrencies (or altcoins) often outperform bitcoin over this period time known as altcoin season.

We are all aware that Bitcoin is the world’s most commonly traded cryptocurrency by market capitalization, or market cap (what exactly understand clearly about the market cap?). Indeed, it controls such a significant share of the cryptocurrency market’s trading volume that there is a well-known index that compares BTC to non-BTC cryptocurrencies. This statistic, appropriately dubbed ‘Bitcoin domination,’ is defined as the ratio of Bitcoin’s market capitalization to the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrency marketplaces.


What is altcoin season?

While Bitcoin’s dominance was formerly near 100%, the emergence and growing popularity of altcoins have resulted in a decline in Bitcoin’s supremacy. When some altcoins achieve a substantial market cap that surpasses Bitcoin’s, it may herald the start of an altcoin season.

During an altcoin season, altcoins frequently outperform bitcoin, causing bitcoin to lose market dominance. To adjust their portfolios properly, seasoned traders and investors with a diverse range of holdings keep tabs on the altcoin seasons.

Why Does Altcoin Season Happen To Crypto Sphere?

It is almost hard to pinpoint the exact reason for the altcoin season. However, it is widely known that after a Bitcoin bull run, investors often sell part of their BTC to realize their profits. After selling some BTC, they seem to be investing part of their earnings in altcoins, which might naturally increase the values of other altcoins.

Other possible catalysts for this specific altcoin season include the Dogecoin (a meme coin) mania that occurred two months ago and the continuing NFT fever. As you can see, attributing the cryptocurrency season to a single event is difficult.


What does create the altcoin season?

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How Many Altcoin Seasons In The Past?

The first instance of an altcoin season occurred in 2017, at the zenith of Bitcoin’s journey. Numerous additional currencies were introduced at the time as a result of Ethereum‘s smart contract capability.

Numerous crypto-investors have reaped huge profits from Bitcoin. In contrast, some investors seek to profit from the altcoin market. This circumstance results in the altcoin season.

Bitcoin’s dominance fell to 37.84% during the early 2018 altcoin season, according to Coinmarketcap.

How about the 2022 altcoin season? To be sure, there was a time when Ethereum, Chainlink, and a few other cryptocurrencies skyrocketed in value. However, there is no set date for when the cryptocurrency season will begin in 2022.


Altcoin seasons happened in the past

What Are Signals Of Altcoin Season?

There is no foolproof way to forecast the forthcoming cryptocurrency season. The Blockchain Center, on the other hand, offers a unique instrument called the Altcoin Season Index. The tool gauges market mood and calculates whether Bitcoin or bitcoins dominate the cryptocurrency market.

The Altcoin Season Index may also be used to forecast the duration of an altcoin season based on a three-month period during which 75% of the top 50 altcoins outperformed Bitcoin. Additionally, industry observers feel that the following indications hypothetically corroborate the impending cryptocurrency season. Will Altcoin Season 2022 Happen? According to the index tool, we have no idea when altcoin season 2022 will occur.

The following are signs that may also be used to determine the start of the cryptocurrency season:


Alt season index updated 5/5/2022

Bull Run

A bull run indicates that investors are bullish on the prospects of cryptocurrency. This injects a large amount of additional capital into the cryptocurrency market and kickstarts the bull run. When investors make significant profits in Bitcoin, they often reinvest a portion of their gains. At that time, Bitcoin’s supremacy switched. Numerous investors are keeping an eye on this development.

New Trends

The advent of a trend that results in the proliferation of new cryptocurrencies might result in Bitcoin’s dominance dwindling.

Significant Market Capitalization Altcoins’ Prices Begin To Rising

When well-known altcoins like Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Binance Coin (BNB) see price rises that exceed those of Bitcoin, this might be interpreted as a sign that those profits are also flowing to other altcoins. This indicates that the altcoin season has begun.

Bitcoin No Longer Appears To Be The Market’s Dominant Currency

Historically, bull markets in Bitcoin have frequently been followed by bull markets in altcoins. This tendency is often the consequence of fresh investors putting money into altcoins since they are less expensive than Bitcoin and still have a lot of opportunities to develop.


Some signals of altcoin season

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What Could You Gain In An Altcoin Season?

Predicting when an altcoin season will conclude is tricky. As a result, determining the optimal time to sell your cryptocurrencies becomes challenging. However, there are several indicators you may look for, including the following:

Predetermined profit: Decide in advance what proportion of your investment you wish to get when you achieve a certain rate of return. This will ensure that you are not disappointed if the altcoin’s price falls.

Bear technical signs in mind: There are hundreds of indications, each of which conveys a distinct message. Ascertain that you choose a sufficient number of reliable indicators. Are some of these indications indicating a downward trend in the market? Then consider transferring part of your altcoins to a stablecoin such as Tether, which allows for more flexible reinvestment when the price falls.

Alternative currencies with a parabola: During a bull run, it is conceivable for altcoins’ market values to go parabolic. Coins never increase permanently, as history demonstrates. Profit from a parabolic run; else, you may be disappointed after the run.

Avoid becoming avaricious: This occurs often. When the price of investment reaches an all-time high, you consider the possibility that it may double again. It is preferable to put your money where your mouth is in such a situation. It is prudent to withhold a portion of your earnings (gradually).


How to maximize the altcoin season?

FAQs About Altcoin Season

Will Altcoin Season 2022 Happen?

According to the Altcoin Season Index. There are no clues as to whether an altcoin season will come in 2022.

Is Now The Right Time To Invest In Altcoins?

To acquire or sell cryptocurrencies, there is no appropriate timing. Because of the unpredictability of cryptocurrency markets, no one can correctly anticipate how long an altcoin season will run or when it will end.

If you want to learn more about an altcoin, you should always do your research (DYOR). Understand the benefits they provide to the crypto ecosystem and the threats they may pose. Other than fundamental research, short-term traders may also watch altcoins’ price fluctuations and patterns using several technical indicators.

Why Do Altcoin Seasons Occur?

While the actual reason for an altcoin season is unknown, many elements contribute to it. These may involve

  • The transfer of funds from Bitcoin to another cryptocurrency.
  • Changing developments involving altcoins, such as NFTs and DeFi

How Long Does Altcoin Season Last?

Because of the unpredictability of cryptocurrency markets, no one can correctly anticipate how long an altcoin season will run or when it will begin.


How long does the altcoin season last?

Closing Thoughts

Altcoin season is one of the market cycles of cryptocurrencies. This is a critical period in which altcoins may show their performance and superiority over Bitcoin. This season is a significant chance for traders to diversify their asset portfolios and benefit from cryptocurrencies with a bright future.

However, traders must exercise caution when selecting their altcoins, since they involve a higher risk than investing in Bitcoin. Will another Altcoin season comes to crypto space, it’s still an unresolved question. Let’s see!