What Is NFT Marketplace? Its Roles In DeFi Space


25 March 2022

One of the fastest-growing crypto trends during 2020’s “DeFi Summer” has been the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique blockchain-based assets that are sought after by both cryptocurrency holders and traditional investors. The place to acquire these NFTs is from the NFT marketplaces,  but you have no knowledge of what is NFT marketplace? Not to worry, we’ve got this. 

An NFT is a digital token that represents the ownership of a unique and scarce asset, whether it is a physical or digital item, such as artwork or soundtrack, a collectable, an in-game item, or real estate. A token’s worth is determined by its individual characteristics and properties, as opposed to the general value associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or fiat money like the U.S. dollar.

In this post, bePAY will take you to the world of NFT marketplace, with detailed information about what is NFT marketplace? How does an NFTmarketplace work?

What Is NFT Marketplace?

Simply said, NFT markets are online venues for the purchase, sale, and issuance of NFTs. NFT marketplaces may be thought of as massive online storefronts where users can explore and purchase a variety of things for sale. Due to the fact that NFTs are hosted on the blockchain, the great majority of NFT markets will require customers to have a cryptocurrency wallet in order to keep their NFTs after purchase.

The majority of NFT marketplaces denominate listed assets in digital currency, with Ethereum being the most often utilized. After purchasing NFTs, the seller transfers ownership to the buyer, incurring a network transaction cost. As a result of NFTs’ meteoric surge in popularity, new NFT markets are forming on a regular basis, each attempting to fill a unique ‘niche’ within the greater market.


What is NFT marketplace?

How Does An NFT Marketplace Work?

NFTs’ digital character necessitates a unique set of rules for these marketplaces. As previously said, in order to save your NFTs after purchase, you’ll need to have already set up the crypto wallet. In addition to having a cryptocurrency wallet, you’ll need to have some cryptocurrency relevant to the NFT you wish to purchase. NFTs are often listed in ETH, however other cryptocurrencies like XTZ, FLOW, and others are also accepted by select markets.

There are three major services offered by these marketplaces:

  • Buying NFTs: There are two ways to buy NFTs an auction or a fixed-price list. If you acquire NFT, you take possession of it immediately.
  • Minting NFTs: The ability to mint one’s own NFTs is available on a large number of NFT exchanges. This is done by converting their work into a blockchain-based digital asset.
  • Selling NFTs: Finally, NFT marketplaces allow NFT vendors to put their NFTs for sale. NFT selling platforms typically collect a fee from sellers once they’ve sold their tokens, however other platforms give royalties for secondary market transactions.


NFT marketplace work

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What Is The Best NFT Marketplace?

One of the best ways to get involved in the NFT is to join an NFT marketplace. NFT markets can be compared to an online version of Amazon.

It’s not uncommon to find NFT markets with a special emphasis or expertise. What factors should you consider before making a decision on which NFT marketplace to utilize, and which ones are the most popular? This information is essential. Let’s check the top NFT marketplace list below:


Among all NFT exchanges, OpenSea is the most popular and has the highest volume of trades. Tokens that are not fungible can be created, bought, and sold on the network, including collectibles, digital art, virtual worlds, and trading cards.

For decreased gas prices, it is developed on Ethereum, but Polygon has been merged. More than 80 million NFTs are available for trade across 700 different NFT projects on OpenSea. Users of the NFT marketplace can utilize its infrastructure to mint and build up their seller profiles for free. A 2.5%  fee is imposed for every sale made on the marketplace.

According to Dune Analytics, OpenSea had $4.1 billion in sales in 2022 alone, with more than 600,000 users. The Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and Doodles are the most traded NFTs on OpenSea at the time of this writing.


OpenSea NFT marketplace


Ethereum-based NFT marketplace SuperRare works with a restricted group of well-known NFT creators. Founded with the goal of perpetuating the tradition of collecting digital art, it’s considered a pioneer in the field.

Before digital artwork can be placed for sale, it must first go through a rigorous verification and clearance procedure. To guarantee that digital art collectors get the most out of their collection, SuperRare aims to motivate the few established producers on its site.

OpenSea is a more exciting market, but SuperRare includes a slew of highly sought-after works of digital art. First-time customers pay a 15% fee to use the site.


Decentralized NFT marketplace Rarible provides users with access to a wide range of NFTs for purchase and sale. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to mint and trade NFTs on the platform. Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos are all supported by Rarible, as are three other blockchains. Rarible’s multi-chain compatibility assures that users may produce, purchase, and trade NFTs from any of those three blockchains.

Rarible, like OpenSea, levies a transaction fee of 2.5%. Decentralization is further enhanced by the introduction of a governance mechanism that allows community members the ability to vote using RARI, the project’s proprietary currency.

NFT transactions worth more than $270 million have been conducted by the marketplace, which has a total user base of more than 1.6 million.



Axie Infinity Marketplace

One of the most prominent gaming NFT markets is Axie Infinity, the popular blockchain game. The Axie marketplace, on the other hand, is devoted to its play-to-earn video game, which allows players to create, buy, and sell Axies and other in-game digital treasures. This makes it different from the preceding markets.

NFT marketplace Axie Infinity uses Ronin, a layer 2 blockchain that operates on the Ethereum network as a sidechain.

With over two million daily active users, the site enjoys a devoted following among gamers and cryptocurrency investors alike. Axie Infinity’s user-friendly and simple UI has laid the groundwork for the game industry. A virtual land that sold for $2.3 million was the most expensive Axie Infinity NFT ever sold.

Nifty Gateway

As a result, Nifty Gateway has earned the nickname “the NFT market for the elites.” The Winklevoss twins own a cryptocurrency exchange called Gemini, which operates an Ethereum-based platform where users may buy, sell, and mint their own cryptographic art. Gemini manages the platform.

Grimes and Beeple are only two of the world’s most prominent artists that have sold their work in the marketplace. Last year, Beeple’s Crossroads NFT sold for $6.6 million on this marketplace, making it one of the most costly NFT transactions ever.

As a result of Nifty Gateway’s strict stance on authenticity and originality, musicians are subjected to some of the most onerous verification procedures in the industry. Scammers can’t mint or list NFTs since only certified creators are permitted to do so. The platform takes a 15% cut of all NFT sales as a fee.


Nifty Gateway

While an expanding number of platforms are developing to sell specialist digital commodities such as virtual world avatars or digital fantasy football cards, there are some primary platforms that account for the majority of NFT sales in the top NFT marketplace list.

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NBA Top Shot 

A Flow-based NFT marketplace where users can purchase and trade digital collector cards with recordings of historic NBA “moments”.


This site sells virtual football cards that may be used in Sorare, a global fantasy football game.


This platform has an in-house marketplace where users may purchase and sell virtual land as well as in-game things such as wearables.


This is a website where users may tokenize tweets and sell them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Jack Dorsey, the founder, and CEO of Twitter sold his very first tweet for $2.9 million.

Some FAQs About NFT Marketplace

What Are The Gas Fee?

You must pay this fee to perform a function on the Ethereum blockchain, which includes mining an NFT. Gas prices are calculated in gwei and can rise or fall based on the amount of traffic on the blockchain. Per transaction, you’ll pay an average of 0.0042 ETH.

How Can Avoid Paying Gas Fees?

There are NFT marketplaces that provide minting without the need for gas. OpenSea and Rarible are two examples of this. In this method, the creator is not responsible for paying for the transportation costs of the customer, which will be reflected in the final selling price (a little like VAT, or the fuel tax added by some airlines).

Some blockchains do not charge gas costs at all, or at least charge them at a lesser rate. Polygon on Opensea and ImmutableX on Mintable are two examples. Look into the fees and the blockchain and token utilized before purchasing or minting an NFT.


FAQs about NFT marketplace

What Is The Process Of Minting, And Why Is It Important?

NFT creation on a blockchain is referred to as “minting” in the same way that real money is. For NFTs, Ethereum is the most common platform. It is possible to monitor and trace the NFT as it is sold in the future since the data is recorded in a public ledger that cannot be changed or tampered with.

The gas tax we stated before is the most common expense associated with minting. However, as previously said, certain markets are becoming more inventive in terms of charging fees and determining who pays them.

Do I Really Need A Crypto Wallet?

Yes, most of the time. NFTs may only be purchased or minted if you pay with Bitcoin. Most NFT marketplaces demand you to set up a crypto wallet to mint and trade NFTs. MetaMask is a popular choice, but Coinbase is also a safe one. Nifty Gateway, one of the more recent NFT markets, now accepts credit and debit card payments in fiat currency (such as US dollars) to make NFTs more accessible.

Wrapping Up

Now, do you already have knowledge about what is NFT marketplace? The top NFT marketplace list for you to choose from among dozens of NFT marketplaces has been introduced to you.

Investing in digital assets, collectibles, and art can be done through NFT marketplaces, but there are many more possibilities available. Depending on the sort of NFT you want and the crypto you want to use for transactions, make sure you pick one that fits your buying and storing demands.

Also, keep in mind that this is a brand-new industry with a high degree of speculative potential. The value of certain NFTs may skyrocket, but this is not a given. Just as in the real world, the value of digital art and collectibles is based on subjective variables such as the item’s rarity and reputation as a work by its creator. Consider your entire investment plan, net worth, and investing time horizon before making a purchase, if one is necessary.