Ultimate Guide And Tips Of How To Make An NFT By Yourself


05 March 2022

Maybe you do not really deeply understand NFTs and how to make an NFT. However, you don’t need to be a technological researcher to know what NFTs are, and maybe it’s a redundancy effort. But don’t worry, bePAY going to explain it and help you figure out how to make an NFT by yourself.

An NFT is an unrepeatable token that is held on a blockchain. It’s similar to bitcoin or altcoins, except rather than being an exchangeable currency, it seems like a digital asset. If you are searching for the step by step guide on how to make an NFT, this post is for you.

Before starting to discover how to make an NFT, you must have a basic knowledge about what is NFT.

Understanding NFTs

Finding the definition of NFTs on the internet is a piece of cake. A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a blockchain-based digital asset that can never be duplicated and may represent anything from a piece of art to a music video to a collectible. As with cryptocurrency owners, NFTs holders have the right to choose whether or not to transfer or sell their tokens on the open marketplace.

Since the rise of NFTs, there has been a surge in their popularity. These one-of-a-kind crypto assets are fetching astronomical prices. Using NFTs, artists, firms, and celebrities may now monetize their assets in a new way. A new generation of investors & collectors may now access the work of artists via the creation of a digital library of their work. Celebrities are using their famous brand persona to create assets. NFTs may sell for tens of thousands of dollars or perhaps tens of millions.


NFT Explained

Don’t have to worry if you do not know about blockchain technology, you do not have to be IT experts to take advantage of NFT uses. 

Keep reading you will find out the simplest step to create on your own.

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How To Make An NFT?

Depending on the blockchain and platform which you choose it will require different things to prepare. However, the main steps of how to make NFT art normally follows these steps.

1st step: Preparing Your Material

Firstly, you must prepare your crypto wallet, find out here how to set up your metamask wallet, deposit some crypto as the gas fee to make transactions, secondly, choose the artwork would you like to make NFT. It might be a personalized artwork, photograph, song, video game item, meme, GIF, or even a tweet. The NFT is a digital thing with a solitary owner. That rarity yields an NFT value.

2nd step: Choosing Your Blockchain

After that, choosing blockchain is the next step, one of the most popular blockchains is Ethereum. Almost marketplace is built upon Ethereum. Besides that, BNB chain,  Tezos, Polkadot, Cosmos are other options.

3rd step: Selecting The NFT Marketplace

After picking up your material and setting up your digital wallet, choosing NFT Marketplace is a very important step. Based on their popularity and their community, it could affect your NFTs. Opensea is the name among most of the famous marketplace, Besides that Larva Labs/CryptoPunks, Rarible, Foundation Rarible, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway are other names you could take into account. Keep reading this article, we will take examples of how to create an NFT on Opensea. 


How to make an NFT?

4th step: Uploading Your Prepared Items 

Now, you’re able to mint NFT. In order to submit your digital content to the NFT marketplace of your choice, you should be provided with an in-depth tutorial. This technique converts a digital file into a marketable NFT.

Finally: Setting Up The Selling Process

NFT minting concludes with a decision on how to make money with your NFT. You can – Depending on the platform, you can:

  • Sell it at a predetermined price: By establishing a fixed price, you enable the first individual who meets that price to purchase your NFT.
  • Create a timed auction: You may set a timed auction for your NFT so that interested parties can make their final offer within a certain period.
  • Create unlimited actions: A time limit is not specified in an unrestricted auction. Instead, you have the option to suspend the sale at any point in the auction process.

Above are the basic steps of the progress of how to make an NFT, based on the selected platform, it may require an upfront cost for minting NFT. Now let’s move on to the next part, the detailed example of how to create an NFT marketplace

How To Create An NFT Marketplace?

In this section, we will take an example of how to create an NFT marketplace, Opensea in specific. We will walk you through the process of setting up your first NFT. An NFT’s production and sale expenses might be unreasonably costly and confusing.

A listing fee, an NFT minting fee, a sales commission, or any combination of these may be assessed to you, and a transaction fee to move money from the buyer’s wallet to yours, according to the platform and price. Depending on the volatility of the bitcoin market, fees may also alter. As a result, it’s critical to carefully consider the fees associated with minting and selling your NFT to ensure they’re beneficial.

How To Create An NFT On OpenSea

Creating an NFT on OpenSea is very simple

Establishing your first NFT collection

Navigate to the profile icon on and press “Create” in the upper right corner.


Creating NFT on OpenSea

You’ll be sent to the page for creating NFT items. This page allows you to submit an NFT file, give it a name, and provide a description.

Please read this page to learn more about the allowed NFT file types and sizes.


Filing information

After you’ve completed those fields, you’ll be able to further personalize your NFT. This includes adding it to an existing collection and customizing it with attributes, levels, stats, and even unlocked stuff!


OpenSea NFT

You may even pick which blockchain you want to mint your NFT on. To learn more about the blockchains that OpenSea supports, visit here.

After finishing designing your NFT, click “Create.” You’ve just finished your first NFT, which is a huge accomplishment! Now, discover how to sell your very own NFT.

Still worried about how to make NFT art, read these tips below to find out the safety process. 

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Tips Of How To Make Nft Art Safety?

Before you going to create your first NFT, take these notes to ensure safety minting NFTs

Separate Your Minting Wallet 

The rights that users provide to these projects through approvals of digital wallets may be abused or compromised by bad actors in order to steal money. NFT security can be improved by separating the risks associated with minting new collectibles into a separate wallet where you only hold a percentage of your total fund

Usually Clean Approval Of Your Wallet

It is necessary to clean up approval from your wallet. When interacting with NFT initiatives, users often provide their assent for the use of funds. As a result, in the worst-case situation, this spending authorization may be misused and corrupted. 


How To Make Nft Art?

Be Careful About Fake Collections

Scammers usually take advantage of the hot collections which are sold out on release day. The users who missed the true collection in rush to find them on the secondary market. They arrange phony collections that seem convincingly like the true collection that everyone is clamouring for, as quickly as possible. Check carefully before making a signature for a transaction.

Some FAQs About Minting NFTs

Can Anyone Make An Nft?

Can anyone make an NFT? – Yes, of course everyone can turn the files (artwork, game items, videos, music Gif)  into NFT, the process is called minting NFT. It is easy to work but requires a bit of your research and prerequisites to do it. 

How Much Does It Cost To Create An Nft?

Depending on the blockchain and platform which you choose, it will require a deposit upfront cost in your digital wallet to cover minting fees, listing fees, and transaction fees. The fee to create and sell NFT may cost you a lot, so carefully calculate if you like to sell your NFTs. 


How much does it cost to create an NFT?

Why should I buy an NFT? Is it profitable?

An NFT has emotional worth, which is similar to physical value. Also, you believe it’s valuable..and it will only get better. Yes, you may purchase an NFT and resale it for a profit.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article will help you figure out how to make an NFT. Throughout this post, you are experiencing the mining NFT process from the most basic steps. How to make NFT art is not a mystery anymore. As a result, you can see how simple it is when creating an NFT. For planning and preparation reasons, you need to pay attention to the early requirements or prerequisites. When it comes to making NFTs, it might be daunting. A concern about NFT minting costs arises from the millions of NFTs traded.

NFT production may be made more affordable, however, by following a set of best practices that are arranged strategically. In addition, the vast choice of platforms available for building NFTs is also a good thing for hobbyists.