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    What is bePAY?

    bePAY is a DEFI (Decentralized Finance) protocol that is the first BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) platform based on blockchain technology. bePAY will offer significant cost savings to all participants in the ecosystem by utilising smart contract technology and blockchains. bePAY aims to be a key participant offering DEFI e-commerce and in-store solutions to shoppers and merchants.

    bePAY will also allow users to pay for their shopping with any approved cryptocurrency that they hold in their bePAY wallet. Shoppers will be rewarded through a program that will benefit all participants in the bePAY ecosystem.

    bePAY is powered by the bePAY token which will be used as a mechanism through which the protocol is governed. A broad distribution across the entire ecosystem including users, merchants and marketplaces will ensure that all participants are rewarded.

    Flow Of Funds



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    Stake an approved stable coin and earn a yield over the selected term.

    Staking your approved stable coin means you also receive bePAY governance tokens as an added bonus. Users will be able to hold, transfer and stake their crypto holdings through the integrated wallet in the bePAY app.

    Stake your bePAY tokens and receive more bonuses.



    bePAY gives approved users the ability to purchase online or in store from merchants on our platform.

    At the checkout users will have the option of paying with either the bePAY BNPL payment solution (for approved users) or they can use any of the approved crypto assets they hold in their digital wallets.

    Users who use the BNPL solution repay the purchase in four equal installments over 3 months. Repayments can be made with approved crypto coins or direct debits made from their debit or credit cards.

    Once the installments have been completed the user will receive a reward in the form of bePAY tokens.

    Buyers can also shop for their products with any of their approved crypto assets.

    Users can use the bePAY tokens earned to access higher purchasing limits or to vote on proposals that will continue to shape the direction of the protocol into the future. bePAY tokens can also be used to shop in merchant stores.

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    Governance Token

    Merchant partners will receive an allocation of bePAY Governance tokens which they can use to vote on initiatives that will shape the future of the protocol.

    Incentivised Shoppers

    Merchants may also use their allocation of bePAY Governance tokens to incentivise shoppers through promotions and marketing.

    eCommerce Solution

    bePAY gives merchants the opportunity to access the currently USD$2.2 trillion and growing currency class. Taking shopping solutions into the digital future.

    Removes Credit Risk

    Remove credit risk. Merchant makes the sale and is paid in full instantly - we take care of the rest.
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    bePAY allows users to pay for their shopping with any approved cryptocurrency that they hold in their bePAY wallet. Shoppers will be rewarded through a program that will benefit all participants in the bePAY ecosystem.



    IEO Funds Allocation

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    Token Distribution

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    Token release schedule

    Our Token release is being structured to keep the management team in the game, reward the early power users and influencers, and guarantee that all parties’ interests are aligned to make the platform as lively as possible.


    Company Roadmap


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    The bePAY is exclusive on Ascent by Bitbns, a token launchpad platform by Bitbns (one of India’s leading crypto exchanges). We invite you to participate by creating an account on Bitbns (for new users) and completing KYC there.

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    Who are we?

    A team of developers & finance experts who have 20+ years of experience in the retail industry.

    Why us?

    Since 2016, bePOS offers its world-class Point of Sale solution to 10,000+ merchants in ten different countries. In light of the growth of DeFi, we have a new mission: Help retail businesses sell faster and create financial freedom for customers. We will offer the crypto BNPL solution to our global POS network with 10,000+ merchants and 300,000+ users in 10 countries.




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