Seeking For Play To Earn Games Explained And Top Play-To-Earn Games


10 March 2022

Play to earn games is a solution for how to earn money by playing games, they are one of the most popular topics that many people seeking recently. Those who love games and are interested in a new method to approach the game industry, or seeking a new way to earn money. Play-to-earn games are kinds of games to earn money that is cannot be underestimated field. 

The business landscape has shifted due to the emergence of the blockchain. Players could now gain crypto or NFTs in play-to-earn games by utilizing their computers or smartphones instead of only game creators and distributors. The craze has also spread to the largest video game distributors, luring a slew of new customers.

Before you start playing these games, you need to know how they function and how you may make a profit from the time you spend playing them.

Throughout this post, bePAY going to explain what are the play-to-earn games?, how to earn money by playing games, as well as explore some of the top play-to-earn games 2022.

What Are The Play To Earn Games?

The term play-to-earn “P2E” refers to video games in which a player may earn incentives that have a monetary worth outside the game. The introduction of blockchain technology and NFTs has, pretty literally, rewritten the rules of the game for those who have been making money from playing video games for a long time.

Content owners may utilize non-fungible tokens (also known as “NFTs”) to establish their ownership of digital assets such as photographs and music. Virtual objects, like apparel or pieces of land, may be owned in blockchain games.

For the first time in the history of video games, users now have the ability to own the in-game assets they buy, rather than having them held hostage by the company that produced them. Once you possess an NFT, you may sell it to whomever you choose beyond the platform where you made it, a feature not available in ordinary games.


Play to earn games definition

As a result, any NFT marketplace may buy and sell in-game things for fiat money represented by NFTs. Because of their rarity, these NFTs are worth something in the actual world.

The only reason to play regular games is for the sake of having fun. Unless you are a well-known professional esports player or a live broadcaster, you have no method of how to earn money by playing games. However, blockchain gaming gives gamers the chance to win real money.

Due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain, users may transact from anywhere in the globe, allowing participants to get value and be compensated for their participation regardless of their identity or location.

Above are the definitions of what are P2E games. But how can you earn when playing Play-to-earn games?

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Earn Money With P2E Games

The NFTs you earn while playing play-to-earn games could be sold on an NFT marketplace if you want to profit from them. To play Axie Infinity, users must first purchase NFTs from an NFT marketplace. Success in NFTs is mostly dependent on your gaming prowess, but you need to exercise care to prevent falling victim to any frauds.


Earn money with P2E games

In a “rug pull” fraud, the creators of an NFT project leave it and escape with the investors’ money halfway through the project. It’s possible for a project to have a sudden surge in buzz and coin values, whereas initiatives that lock their pooled money for a predetermined duration are more secure.

Next, we’re going to explore some top Play-to-earn games 2022 projects

Top Best Play-To-Earn Games 2022 Projects

Here is the list of some games to earn money:

Axie Infinitive

In the year 2021, the most significant blockchain game was Axie Infinity. At its height, the marketplace was selling millions of dollars worth of Axies every day, and each one was going for thousands of dollars. To go throughout Lunacia’s World, players must breed and acquire the game’s adorable animals, known as Axies.

Investors who bought teams and sponsored participants in Axie Infinity combat helped Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity, establish an online community of millions of gamers across the globe. Axie Infinity has actually helped third-world nations raise themselves out of poverty.


Axie Infinity


Sandbox is a game that uses Ethereum-based to create an open universe. It’s most closely related to Roblox or Minecraft. Players design their own worlds, plan their own quests, and construct their own video games at the central hub. Once this is done, it is possible to make money off of it. The Sandbox relies heavily on LAND as a resource. Each piece of LAND is an NFT, which stands for a virtual piece of real estate.

SAND, the in-game currency, is also crucial. By performing activities or playing games in The Sandbox, it may be acquired (see instruction). Paying with SAND first is important in several situations. Tokens are also required if you wish to develop your own games and make money from them. Ether  (ETH) may then be purchased using the SAND earnings.


The SandBox

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The Binance Smart Chain blockchain RPG goes by the moniker of CryptoBlades. Created characters may be immortalized as NFTs on the smart chain by dressing them in customary fantasy attire. Newcomers to the blockchain game will need to convert Binance Coin (BNB) into SKILL Token (SKILL) in order to participate as a character.

Battles pit the characters against one another. Players gain SKILL in this way. As a result, new abilities may be unlocked and better weapons can be forged. For the marketplace, the SKILL token serves as a form of payment. The SKILL currency may also be used to sell characters and stuff. These BSB may then be exchanged for fiat money by players.



Thetan Arena 

In Thetan Arena, everyone may take part in and have fun in a multi-player online war arena. Using NFTs, gamers are able to take control of characters and certain goods in the game. A free-to-play model sans NFT is also available. THC and THG are the two tokens available. Thetan Coins, which can be used to buy NFTs, are earned by playing the game. As a mark of governance, the Thetan Gem may also be used to enhance characters in-game.

This game’s economy is being stabilized by adding new features and revising the tokenomics, despite the recent decline in revenue potential. Playing the game is still a lot of fun, as well as its user base continues to expand.


Thetan Arena


Pegaxy is a horse racing game in which players compete against one other in a Player vs. Player (PVP) environment. The top three finishers in each race will receive VIS reward token awards. Random Number Generators are currently used to determine race positions, but this will change in version 2 by taking into account factors such as the changing environment/stadium conditions, which are linked to the attributes of each horse, and food and clothing gear apparel that is used on your animal.

It’s easy to get started in the world of “play to earn” games with Pegaxy’s basic game format. The game will only grow more enjoyable for players and less of a chore when new features are added to make it more strategic and skill-based.



FAQs About Play To Earn Crypto Games

How Much Can Players Earn When Playing Play To Earn Crypto Games?

In general, gaming isn’t recognized for paying the typical user money. Many people find it difficult to comprehend how someone who plays a blockchain game every day might earn money. Even in impoverished nations, individuals are making a career playing crypto games like Axie Infinity.

What Is A Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) may be used to symbolize ownership of unique digital things. Attributes distinguish one token from another. This makes it feasible to tokenize game goods and allow real-world value economies. Game products may be freely purchased, sold, and traded on NFT markets outside of the game or peer-to-peer in return for cryptocurrency.


FAQs about play-to-earn games

Gaming Cryptocurrency: What Is It And How Does It Work?

In P2E games, a gaming cryptocurrency is used to reward players for achieving particular goals and/or obtaining certain items. It is common for gaming cryptocurrencies to be created for a single game or a group of games developed by the same team.

Blockchain Games, Crypto Games And NFT Games What Are They?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency-based video games are known as “crypto” games. Using cryptocurrency as a currency, all in-game assets are valued and may be used for rewards and profits.

Using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for in-game collectible, NFT games allow players to swap these tokens for incentives like cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.

A sort of video game developed on a blockchain network, blockchain games offer the platform security and transparency.

Closing Thoughts

Play to earn games is a new trend in the field of making money with cryptocurrency. To get the most out of most new endeavours and ideas, you’ll likely have to be the first in line. Gamers, on the other hand, may now make money via play-to-win. Many games might be risky, unsustainable, or even fraudulent because of faulty tokenomics, and you should constantly be aware of this.