Top Best NFT Lands For Sale 2022


15 July 2022

Are you interested in the top best NFT land for sale? Are NFT Real Estate projects investment-worthy? Are you uncertain as to where to purchase NFT real estate? NFT Lands and Virtual world assets are the latest fad and trend in the cryptocurrency industry. It is not surprising that tokenized virtual real estate assets are the next big thing, given that the whole globe is embracing cryptocurrency.

As inflation worries push global markets into bear territory, the cryptocurrency market continues to fall. The good news is that present pricing enables traders and investors to acquire their preferred NFTs and virtual real estate at reasonable costs. In this bad market, bePAY examines the best Metaverse crypto projects for purchasing virtual real estate.

The NFT craze has subsided, and now is the moment for consumers to engage in value-based endeavors. Despite this, NFT lands, or virtual lands, have always attracted individuals. The following NFT land projects are expected to provide great outcomes in 2022.

The Short Explanation Of NFTs And NFT Lands

Before we get further into the specifics of NFTs, let’s quickly define what they are. NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. NFTs are digital assets that are kept on the blockchain, allowing them to be traded on the secondary market. They often consist of images, videos, or sounds.

CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Veefriends are examples of prominent NFTs whose worth and popularity have skyrocketed over the last year.

NFT real estate and land are identical to the NFT initiatives listed above. However, rather than owning a photograph or movie, you own a piece of land in a particular metaverse. You may use your digital land for advertising, networking, and gaming, among other things. Many landowners utilize their property to host online activities, as has been the case with major brands such as Snoop Dogg and Adidas.


NFTs and NFT lands explanation

Numerous big corporations are seeing the potential applications of the metaverse and, as a result, are establishing operations and purchasing vast quantities of metaverse land NFTs. In November 2021, the NFT real estate firm Metaverse Group spent a staggering $2.5 million for 116 LAND parcels in Decentraland.

Typically, when people acquire land in the metaverse, they are able to explore it as a 3D avatar. This is true for each of our top best NFT land 2022 projects. Axie Infinity is another immensely popular land-based non-game piece that is not on our list.

In the future months and years, it is probable that an increasing number of metaverses will emerge in an attempt to replicate the success of Decentraland and The Sandbox. This tendency might result in a saturated market, so investors should be wary if it occurs.

The NFT Lands Market Overview

The concept of purchasing virtual land NFT in the metaverse with real money may take some time to grasp. However, land sales in the metaverse are already flourishing.

In the current state of Crypto report, experts from digital asset management company 21Shares characterize the metaverse as “a new version of the internet where individuals may connect, play, cooperate, and even work.” It integrates several technological components, including blockchain, non-fungible tokens, decentralized finance, gaming, augmented reality, and virtual reality.


The market overview of NFT Lands

According to industry and consumer data firm Statista, the augmented, virtual, and mixed-reality markets will surpass $300 billion (£221.5 billion) by 2024, 21Shares analysts stated.

Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and The Sandbox have joined Meta Platforms and Roblox in the metaverse, giving virtual land for storing and displaying all of your virtual belongings.

Virtual real estate values vary from $12,000 for a simple property on Decentraland to $450,000 for a tract close to Snoop Dogg (actual name: Calvin Broadus), according to Alts CEO Stefan von Imhof.

In a recent review of metaverse real estate, von Imhoff argues, “Metaverse land is extremely real, as is the money flooding into the area”. This year, it is projected to become a billion-dollar business.

According to von Imhoff, the two most prominent investors in metaverse land are Republic Realm and, who have acquired the virtual property for development and potential sales.

The Metaverse Group, a subsidiary of, acquired 116 plots in the Decentraland metaverse for $2.5 million in November. The Republic Realm paid $4.28 million for 792 pots in The Sandbox’s metaverse, the biggest land transaction in The Sandbox’s history.


NFTs land market overview

The 792 pieces of land acquired by Republic Realm total 7.9 million square feet (733,934 square meters), or three square miles of what Republic Realm describes as “one of the biggest and most central plots in the Sandbox metaverse”.

Broadus owns the Snoopverse, a virtual neighborhood in The Sandbox metaverse, where those wanting a more affluent metaverse lifestyle might purchase a virtual property. Von Imhoff says that nine parcels next to Broadus’ virtual home sold in December for a total of $1.23 million, the highest for $450,000.

Von Imhoff dove headfirst into the metaverse, visiting Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and The Sandbox to examine the different virtual real estate markets.

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Top Best Projects NFT Land For Sale 2022 To Consider

The list below shows the top best projects for NFT Land 2022:

The Sandbox

Most certainly, you are acquainted with Minecraft. Microsoft’s pixelated universe is accessible in both creator mode and survivor mode. It remains lively and fashionable. You may also be familiar with Roblox. Another pixelated universe where people can make and sell their own games.


The Sand Box NFT land 2022

Currently, The Sandbox is comparable to Roblox and Minecraft. It is powered by the community and enables you to design or develop your own games. Obviously, you must own a $LAND token. The Sandbox is perhaps the most versatile NFT land you may own.

You have complete flexibility with the $LAND NFT of the Sandbox. In addition, there is a limited supply. So, you may anticipate a considerable increase in value. The Sandbox may be one of the most valuable initiatives on the list in the long term.


When we heard the Meta announcement, we began anticipating a VR/AR lifestyle. A virtual environment where we may socialize, connect and meet new individuals. Decentraland does just this.

Consequently, investing in NFT Lands is one of the most rewarding possibilities. You may own an avatar and real estate, among other things. There’s little question that Decentraland will remain at the top of the list, given its diverse range of opportunities for growth.


Decentraland NFT land platform

It will continue to develop, gain in popularity, and recruit participants. We anticipate Decentraland’s value to increase.


On the Tezos blockchain, Tezotopia provides a prospective NFT game and Metaverse project. It enables you to own individual NFT land parcels with varied resource collections that you may improve or increase. Additionally, you may create assault armies to raid or capture the territories of other players. Why is it included?

Simply put, the NFT regions of Tezotopia are extremely turbulent, diversified, and rich in resources. Even uncommon resources may be improved by constructing machines and structures and increasing their multipliers. Additionally, each piece of land is unique and may be customized. There is plenty for a gamer to accomplish.


Tezotopia NFT land platform

Given the popularity of “NFT Land,” Tezotopia allows you to generate passive income via automated mining while pursuing other interests. Therefore, you are not purchasing NFT Land to accumulate dust in your collection. It will continue to provide rewards in the form of resources.


Silks is a horse racing simulation game. You may own a rider avatar and many horses. These are all NFTs, and there will be many similarities to the eSports business, such as betting. However, how does this relate to the NFT land projects?

Silks are gaining popularity. It is quickly becoming one of the most fashionable endeavors, exceeding many others. This is due to the mechanism that enables land ownership in the Silks world.


Silks NFT land platform

That is correct. The NFT game involves more than simply horse racing. In the realm of Silks, it is possible to possess and alter the terrain. Moreover, because of its expanding popularity, it is a viable investment opportunity for NFT Lands in 2022.

Meta Mansions

A set or restricted number of NFTs has grown in popularity among individuals. These depend on trends, but Meta Mansion capitalizes on this attractiveness. With 8,888 NFT land in Meta Mansions, players’ choices will be constrained. Purchasing anything in this world might result in a hefty price increase.

Purchasing NFT land in Meta Mansions will, of course, not be cheap. But once you do so, your potential will be limitless. Similar to SnoopDogg’s residence and performances, you will have complete freedom. You may use it as an exhibition space or rent it out.


Meta Mansions NFT land platform

You may modify the whole home, from the interiors to the addition of automobiles and beyond. These modifications make it worthwhile to add Meta Mansions to the list.

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Axie Infinity Land

Axie Infinity is a game in which you may collect, train, and combat Axies. Axies are digital organisms that reside on the blockchain of Ethereum. The game is meant to be decentralized, allowing anybody from anywhere in the globe to participate. In addition to collecting and breeding Axies, you can also purchase and sell the virtual property.

In addition to delivering a pleasant and gratifying gaming experience, Axie Infinity enables players to earn Bitcoin via gameplay. The Axie Infinity team is presently developing Axie Infinity Land, a new project that will enable users to buy virtual real estate with Axie Infinity tokens. With the release of Axie Infinity Land, the Axie Infinity community will have a new opportunity to earn prizes and contribute to the game’s growth.


Axie Infinity NFT land platform

The Axie Infinity team is aiming to make the game more accessible and user-friendly, so that even casual gamers may enjoy owning and nurturing Axies. And who can say? Perhaps one day your Axies will be valuable enough to purchase a real home.


Aavegotchi is one of the most prominent NFT real estate developments that offer NFT Lands to holders. Essentially, it is a crypto collectable game with crypto and DeFi elements that works on the Aave network.

Aavegotchi avatars are digital treasures that define a certain quality and character. The Aavegotchi score is determined by fundamental character features, wearables tied to the avatar, and a kindship score.

GHST is the native token of the Aavegotchi world, used to purchase and sell goods inside the Aavegotchi universe. GHST may be staked to obtain larger rewards and facilitate exchange between users.


Aavegotchi NFT land platform

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a space-themed strategy video game based on Solana’s quickest and most secure blockchain. Star Atlas provides players with a rather bizarre experience by allowing them to virtually travel to the year 2620 through a combination of cosmic and virtual experiences.

Players compete for resources to achieve territorial growth. Teams are divided into three distinct categories: humans, aliens, and machines. This enables players to strategize and expand their dominion over the Star Atlas universe.

This NFT game is based on the principle of play-to-earn, allowing players to explore space and discover unique planets and hidden riches while earning recurring money. Realistic images, aesthetics, and graphics are included in Star Atlas. They provide gamers with an exceptional gaming experience.


Star Atlas

The Atlas Token is used by Star Atlas players to conduct transactions and in-game tasks inside their world. People’s expectations are being met, making the NFT gaming experience more cinematic, aesthetically beautiful, gratifying, and revenue-generating. Therefore, it is safe to claim that this is one of the best NFT land projects for NFT real estate investors in 2022. 

Why Should We Care About The Virtual Land NFT Model?

In recent years, metaverse lands have become an excellent economic model. This is owing to the extraordinary ROI and ownership rights generated. This business model is built solely on the notion of purchasing a plot of land in the metaverse using non-fungible tokens NFT, with the purchaser owning the property digitally.

Eliminating third parties has made it even more effective and remarkable. Therefore, it is an ideal platform for organizations to use and construct their own metaverse area in order to experience something unique and remarkable in the business sector. Why is the metaverse lands business model effective?


The potential of virtual land NFT

In recent years, metaverse lands have become an excellent economic model. This is owing to the extraordinary ROI and ownership rights generated. This business model is built solely on the notion of purchasing a plot of land in the metaverse using NFT, with the purchaser owning the property digitally.

Eliminating third parties has made it even more effective and remarkable. Therefore, it is an ideal platform for organizations to use and construct their own metaverse area in order to experience something unique and remarkable in the business sector.

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FAQs About NFT Lands

What Purpose Does Virtual Land Serve?

Virtual landowners are able to rent out their property or even convert it into a retail enterprise. A piece of virtual property was sold for $2.4 million, and the buyer expects to sell virtual apparel on the site. The metaverse is redefining how people attend events, with an increasing number of individuals willing to attend virtual ones.

How To Purchase Virtual Property In The Metaverse?

In order to purchase NFT land for sale here are some basic steps for you to follow:

  • Acquire a digital money wallet – The first step is to get a digital cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Select your real estate platform. On a number of virtual metaverse platforms, real estate may be purchased.
  • Browse and choose a land parcel.
  • Link your wallet.
  • Confirm your purchase.


FAQs about NFT lands

Above are the basic steps to purchasing virtual NFT lands. For more details, please refer to our guide on how to buy NFT land.

Is Investing In Digital Real Estate A Wise Idea?

As with real estate in the physical world, digital real estate is valuable because people want it. This is the reason why all things have value. In the case of virtual real estate, however, a number of characteristics contribute to explaining its worth. First, it is crucial that each parcel of virtual land be entirely distinct.

Final Thoughts

Metaverse land NFTs have been around for some time, but their value has just shot through the roof as a direct result of the huge popularity that the NFT and crypto worlds have gained. As a direct consequence of this, the values of metaverse land NFTs in Decentraland and The Sandbox have skyrocketed in recent months.

However, the projects are still in the beginning stages of development, and there are a variety of opportunities to purchase real estate on the primary market. It is possible that users may enjoy a significant increase in advantages as time goes on and the metaverse and Web 3 become more generally embraced.