What Is Axie Infinity? Exploring The Most Famous Play-To-Earn Games


21 April 2022

What Is Axie Infinity? –  Axie Infinity was the most significant blockchain game produced in 2021. At its height, the marketplace generated millions of dollars in daily sales, with Axies fetching thousands of dollars apiece. The game is focused on breeding and collecting adorable animals known as Axies and utilizing them to explore Lunacia’s World.

Axies will be used to acquire and build land in the future, will be burnt for enhancements, and will be traded for in-game commodities. The game’s objective is not to be a card battler, but to establish a metaverse in which Axies may rule Lunacia.

Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity, amassed a community of millions of gamers worldwide, with a particular emphasis on third-world nations that utilized Axie Infinity to practically pull themselves out of poverty, courtesy of investors purchasing teams and funding their fights.

Axie Infinity set the bar high and expanded significantly over the last year, with the announcement of new methods to burn Axies to get in-game stuff and the community allowing more individuals to participate via the creation of scholarships.

You will discover all you need to know about what is Axie Infinity in this bePAY Axie Infinity Game Guide!

  • What Is Axie Infinity?
  • Axie Infinity GamePlay
  • How to play Axie Infinity
  • Can You Make Money On Axie Infinity?
  • Is Axie Infinity coin a good investment?
  • Other Elements Of Axie Infinity You Should Care.
  • FAQs About Axie Infinity 
  • Wrapping Up

What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity Explanation

Axie Infinity is a monster-fighting game in which you compete against other players using teams of adorable creatures known as Axies. In Axie Infinity, you’ll be able to gather adorable creatures to use in combat. Axie Infinity, by Axie

Ronin, an Ethereum sidechain that reduces transaction costs and delays, is used to power the game’s blockchain. There is mostly turn-based combat, either against computer-controlled Axie teams or against live opponents via the Internet.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used to represent in-game objects. The Axies and land plots that makeup Axie Infinity can be linked to these cryptographically unique tokens. Axies may be traded for real money on the game’s marketplace, unlike typical in-game products.

As an added bonus, you may breed Axies to produce more NFTs, which you can then use to bolster your team’s strength.


What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity Tokens

Axie Infinity bills itself as a “play to earn” game, in which players may sell stuff (such as the Axies they produce, in-game real estate, and accessories such as flowers or barrels) through the game’s the NFT marketplace in addition to receiving tokens generated by the game. The game utilizes two Axie Infinity tokens:

Governance Token (AXS)

The ERC-20 token is one of the most important Ethereum tokens since it serves as a technical standard for all Ethereum smart contracts. Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) are an ERC-20 governance Axie Infinity token for the Axie Universe, however, the specifics are beyond the scope of this article.

If you stake tokens, play the game, and participate in crucial governance votes, you’ll be able to receive prizes for your tokens. The AXS has gained by almost 3,000% in the last year, as of February 27, 2022, as compared to the U.S. dollar.

Decentralizing Axie infinity’s ownership and governance with the use of AXS tokens is a deliberate strategy used by Sky Mavis to bring together the interests of the game’s creators and the players who actively participate in it.

Reward Tokens (SLP)

If you play Axie Infinity in either combat or adventure mode, you may receive a Smooth Love Potion (SLP), originally known as a little love potion. Like other cryptocurrencies, SLP is a decentralized exchange-tradable utility Axie Infinity token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

When compared to AXS, the SLP’s value hasn’t done as well, and it’s fallen precipitously in value in the last year. Token supply is uncapped in SLP unlike AXS, which has a supply limit in the range of 270 million tokens. SLP’s value has been substantially influenced by the uncertainties surrounding the supply of SLP in the future, as well as worries about its stability.

SLP’s value has already been significantly impacted by recent modifications to the emission rate implemented by Sky Mavis, and future votes on governance will very certainly lead to more extreme changes.


Axie Infinity Tokens

Axie Infinity Gameplay

Axie Infinity’s basic gameplay is on fighting and reproducing Axies, the game’s unique animals. Axies are characterized by a unique collection of features, such as class and body parts, that serve to distinguish them from other Axies and to quantify their rarity.


As with other turn-based games, Axies are combat-oriented, and their fighting efficiency is defined by four statistics:

  • The amount of damage an Axie can take before even being knocked unconscious is determined by his health.
  • The sequence of the turns is determined by speed, with the quickest Axies attacking first.
  • When an Axie plays several ability cards simultaneously, skill increases the damage.
  • Morale boosts an Axie’s likelihood of landing a critical blow, which defines its knockout ability.


Axie Infinity players pit their Axies against other players in three-on-three fights, using a variety of tactics and strategies to strategically place their Axie on the board. The Axie’s Ability Cards are important to this gameplay since they define the assault techniques Axies may use to deplete their opponents’ health. Each Axie’s Ability Card is unique since it is determined by its unique body shape and class.

The best method to level up Axies and acquire Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potion is to battle in arena battles and tournaments (SLP).

However, gamers might also approach their experience more adventurously. Players acquire more tokens and unique treasures by exploring the Axie Infinity environment and facing the in-game non-player fighters known as Chimera. These tokens and wealth may be used to further their characters’ development.


Axie Infinity Battles


As with their real-world counterparts, Axies are capable of producing children with their own distinct qualities and powers. Axies may reproduce up to seven times, with each reproductive episode requiring an increased amount of SLP. After five days of development, fresh Axie offspring may be employed in combat, bred with more partners, or sold on the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

Land Axie Infinity does not restrict players from collecting and trading animals. Additionally, it enables users to acquire Lunacias or parcels of land that serve as homes for Axies. Through the Lunacia software development kit, developers will also be able to build new games set inside these plots.

Players will be able to enhance plots when resources and created materials are discovered throughout in-game adventures. To learn more about Axie Infinity Gameplay kindly navigate to its whitepaper

How To Play Axie Infinity?

All you need to get started in Axie Infinity is a Ronin Wallet and three Axies. Ronin Wallet serves as your entry ticket to a new digital country.

This browser extension enables users to play Axie Infinity and other decentralized apps that are hosted on Ronin, an Ethereum sidechain dedicated to Blockchain gaming.

The wallet works precisely like a Metamask wallet, including the ability to create several accounts. However, keep in mind that Axie Infinity prohibits users from having many accounts, therefore the only reason to have several accounts is if you have friends or students playing for you and need to manage their Axies in the Marketplace.

To acquire three Axies, you must first enter the Marketplace and have sufficient wETH to make the transaction. wETH is a wrapper for Ethereum, and the required quantity may be purchased from Ronin.

Bear in mind that you will be charged Ethereum gas costs for this transaction. Beginning with your further transactions, such as buying Axies, you will avoid paying gas costs since you will be utilizing the Sidechain and transacting in wETH.


How To Play Axie Infinity

You may also purchase wETH using other sources and/or transfer existing wETH to your Ronin account. If you’ve never played PTE games and are unfamiliar with blockchain technology, have no fear! In the majority of countries, Ronin enables the purchase of wETH with a credit card.

Once you have enough wETH in your Ronin wallet to purchase three Axies, log into the marketplace and follow the steps above to create your first team.

After a while, you may want to redeem in-game SLP. They are exactly like wETH in that they may be redeemed and stacked in your Ronin wallet – they operate on the same blockchain. SLP gained through the game may be claimed once every two weeks.

Here is the summary to get started with Axie Infinity

  • Establish an account with Axie Infinity
  • Purchase Ethereum (ETH) using a cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance.
  • Create a MetaMask wallet using ETH and fund it.
  • Create a Ronin Wallet account and fund it using Ronin Bridge. 
  • Utilize your Ronin Wallet to log into Axie Marketplace.
  • Purchase at least three Axies.
  • Axie Infinity’s gaming client may be downloaded from their website.

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Can You Make Money On Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that helps you create revenues when playing, below are some main methods that help you make money on Axie Infinity:

Selling SLP

In the Axie Infinity world, the most frequent method to get money is to cultivate and sell an in-game item called Smooth Love Potions. SLP is in high demand in the market as one of the needed ingredients for breeding Axies. You may cultivate SLP in three distinct ways.

  • Defending yourself from creatures in Adventure Mode—PVE
  • Competing in Arena Mode – PVP
  • Carrying out all daily assignments and quests

As of the time of writing, a single SLP is trading for roughly $0.028 on the NFT market. This indicates that 100 SLP may be sold for 2.8$. As a result, we may estimate that playing Axie Infinity for a few hours each day has the potential to generate money.


Can You Make Money On Axie Infinity?

Breeding Exotic & Superior Axies

The breeding process is one of Axie Infinity’s most distinctive features. The game enables you to generate kids by breeding any two grown magical creatures known as Axies. The new baby Axie will inherit all of its parents’ characteristics.

If you manage to breed a nice Axie with unique and excellent characteristics, you may be able to sell it for about $200 at the market. On that point, in late 2020, an Axie named Angel—a triple mystic Axie—was sold for $130,000.

Staking AXS

The third and last method of profiting from Axie Infinity is via AXS staking. Staking AXS tokens (another in-game currency) entails locking them at a certain interest rate and collecting different incentives throughout the locked time. At the moment, all staked tokens may be reclaimed within 5.5 years.

Is Axie Infinity Coin A Good Investment?

Financial risk is inherent with playing or investing in Axie Infinity. Pro Game Guides and the author are not liable for any financial choices made. There is no financial or investment advice that we can give. This tutorial is purely informative in nature about Axie Infinity.

Even as you read this statement, the Axie Infinity community is rising in popularity. In other nations, there are claims that individuals have resigned their professions to concentrate only on the game.

Given the exponential growth of the AXS token in 2021, it’s unsurprising that many cryptocurrency aficionados have included it in their portfolios. Can we infer that Axie Infinity is a sound investment based on these events?

The bitcoin industry is much more intricate than the average person realizes. Numerous elements, including excitement, might contribute to the development of a cryptocurrency platform. While the enthusiasm around Axie Infinity looks to be genuine, there are various more considerations to examine before concluding that it is a solid purchase.


Is Axie Infinity Coin A Good Investment?

Axie Infinity looks to be a digital asset on the verge of exploding in the future years. However, how long can it maintain its leadership position in the blockchain gaming market?

Does it have a long and prosperous future ahead of it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in AXS? We will address these questions immediately to assist you in determining if this is a viable investment choice for you.

Other Elements Of Axie Infinity You Should Care

Variation in value

As with any cryptocurrency enterprise, it’s important to keep in mind that the value of your currency or NFT might fluctuate significantly. Sky Mavis is not liable for any money you lose if the game fails or the price of AXS tokens or Ethereum falls.

It is possible to invest a significant amount of money in the game only to discover that the worth of your Axies has reduced and they are no longer as lucrative as they were before.

Restriction of age

Axie Infinity is classified 18+, but no age verification is required. When you join up for Axie, you use your cryptocurrency wallet, and the suggested wallet, MetaMask, does accept users under the age of 18 with parental consent. This is also true for other cryptocurrency wallets. Bear in mind that if you let your youngster to open one of these wallets, they may simply register to play the game.


Some Things You Should Care About Axie Infinity

Children should not play Axie Infinity because they are especially susceptible to being taken advantage of by other players and may not fully comprehend the ramifications of spending real money.

Axie Infinity Scholarship

Axie Infinity is a simple method to earn a lot of money without leaving your house – in principle – but joining the game has become prohibitively pricey unless you join as a scholar.

Axie Infinity does not provide job stability. While some managers are motivated by the desire to build a community, others are more likely motivated by their personal profit. If your boss demands a share of more than half of the money you earn while playing, you may wind up earning less than the minimum wage.

Oftentimes, researchers are already in perilous situations, which profit-driven management may fully exploit. Children who had circumvented age limitations would likewise be considered vulnerable participants.

FAQs About Axie Infinity 

What are some of the dangers associated with Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity establishes a new standard for cryptocurrency-based gaming. Because AXS and SLP prices may be associated with the game’s popularity, they may decline if players shift to a rival or lose interest.

Is it necessary to own Axie Infinity in order to purchase AXS?

No, you may purchase and sell AXS using exchanges like as CEXs or DEXs.

In Axie Infinity, what is a scholarship?

In Axie Infinity, a “scholarship” is a kind of passive income, comparable to owning a franchise. Axie Infinity allows you to battle with a team of three (3) Axies. You may give them to other people (whom you trust) and let them farm SLPs using your team once you have more Axies, either by breeding or by purchasing more Axies on the market.


Some FAQs About Axie Infinity

This is referred to as a “scholarship,” and it is quite common among Axie. It is almost usually a win-win scenario for both the manager (the person who distributes the free Axies) and the scholar. Scholarships often include a 50–50, 60–40, or 70–30 share of the scholar’s SLPs produced, with management receiving a cut.

Wrapping Up

Above is all you need to know about What Is Axie Infinity? To look for the future of Axie Infinity. Still a lot of room for its expansion.

Nowadays, Axie Infinity is not what it once was, and many players are withdrawing or waiting for Sky Mavis to upgrade the burning process to keep the in-game economy alive.

While Axie Infinity might be a smart investment in 2022, make sure you properly grasp the dangers associated with putting yourself in the game right now. Even though the company promised additional mechanisms to improve the value of SLP, none of them has been published yet.

People who were formerly able to make tens of thousands of dollars each month from selling Axies gave up on breeding, and active participants in the Arena are the only ones being able to justify the time spent in Axie Infinity when compared to the revenue they receive out of it.

In summary, there’s no assurance your investment will return, and ROI might take a long to appear. If you don’t intend to participate in the Arena, and merely want fast gains, Axie Infinity is not the game for you.

However, if you actually appreciate the gameplay and the metaverse Sky Mavis is developing, embracing the ecosystem now will benefit you in the long run, since Axies and Items are relatively inexpensive right now and won’t likely remain like a way for long.

Involve yourself in Lunacia if you intend on ranking up the leaderboard and enjoy the card battle system with your friends and other gamers!