What Is A Wrapped XRP? Fulfillment Information For Researchers


25 July 2022

What is a wrapped XRP? And why does it gaining a lot of interest not only for XRP Holders but also for many crypto users? Together with bePAY explore full information about wrapped XRP and some other extra facts about this wrapped token in this post. announced on October 29, 2021, that they would officially offer wrapped XRP (wXRP) on the Ethereum network. Users will be able to use wXRP, backed 1:1 by XRP, on the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem in conjunction with Hex Trust, one of Asia’s top digital asset custodians.

According to Mason Borda, CEO of Tokensoft, Inc., the company behind Wrapped, the new link would provide XRP users access to many DeFi applications, including borrowing and lending, exchanging, and usage in automated market makers (AMMs), unlike the original XRP token. Are you curious? Now let’s get started with this article, with many interesting facts about wrapped XRP.

What Is Cryptocurrency Wrapped?

First, you may be curious as to what “Wrapped Cryptocurrencies” are, so allow me to clarify. It signifies that one Bitcoin chain is wrapped around another, similar to XRP wrapped around an Ethereum blockchain. Tokensoft has teamed with Hex Trust and encapsulated XRP as wrapped XRP as part of a multi-custodial strategy to strengthen this coin.


Cryptocurrency wrapped

How Are Wrapped Tokens Utilised?

Each wrapped token is backed by an identical quantity of the underlying asset or money, in addition to a variety of organizational responsibilities and computational checks and balances.

Transactions using wrapped tokens may be processed by DApps significantly more quickly since they are not conducted on different blockchains. A system that backs each wrapped token one-to-one with the underlying assets maintains the trustless character of wrapped tokens, allowing users to transact with confidence.

The sophisticated architecture is sufficient to provide DApp users native access to other cryptocurrencies without burdening each blockchain with the execution of DApp transactions. Ethereum requires just a single, low gas cost.

Governance over wrapped tokens is often accomplished by allocating relevant responsibilities to entities, primarily custodians that maintain underlying assets and issue (or destroy) new wrapped tokens as required. Merchants offer a means for purchasers of wrapped tokens to receive them, whilst tokens are owned by users.


How do wrapped tokens operate?

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About Wrapped XRP Vs XRP – Why Do We Need To Be Wrapped XRP?

Wrapped XRP Vs XRP Story

Ripple is a worldwide payments settlement and currency exchange network that facilitates global transaction processing. The concept is that Ripple serves as a trusted middleman between two parties in a transaction by quickly certifying the successful completion of the transaction. Ripple allows for the exchange of fiat cash, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and even commodities like gold.

Ripple was designed from the beginning to successfully replace SWIFT (the major money transfer network) or to serve as a settlement layer between big financial institutions. When network users do transactions, the network deducts a nominal fee in XRP.


Wrapped XRP vs XRP story

Why Do We Need To Be Wrapped XRP?

Wrapping XRP offers a number of benefits to both XRP holders and users of the target blockchain. The wrapping of DeFi protocols and DApps provides access to them on other blockchains. XRP holders will be able to stake and use their coins in novel ways. This advantage enables more use cases for XRP.

XRP may be used to diversify the portfolios of investors that solely utilize the Ethereum blockchain. Managing assets across several blockchains take effort and sometimes necessitates the use of numerous cryptocurrency wallets. Wrapping will attract new users who can access XRP natively on their preferred blockchain to the popular large-cap currency XRP.

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What Is A Wrapped XRP?

Wrapping XRP enables its usage on blockchains outside of its original XRP Ledger. XRP wrapped on Ethereum, for instance, would allow you to transfer, stake, and swap wrapped XRP via Ethereum DApps and wallets.

Each wrapped token may be unwrapped and converted at a 1:1 ratio to the original XRP. In addition to being tethered to the price of XRP, the wrapped token follows its price changes. The token sign wrapped XRP represents wrapped XRP on Ethereum, which was produced by Wrapped. XRP may also be wrapped on various blockchains through alternate wrapping service providers.


What is a wrapped XRP?

Wrapped XRP And DeFi

If you want to invest your wrapped XRP, Ethereum offers a vast selection of DeFi DApps to investigate. On almost every decentralized exchange (DEX), you may join or build a liquidity pool with a wrapped XRP pair. By offering liquidity, you may earn fees from users who use the pool to trade.

However, keep in mind that a temporary loss might result in a fall in your deposited cash if the price ratio of the pair changes. One option is to stake using SushiSwap’s wXRP/wETH and wXRP/USDC trading pairs. Using an established pool with more liquidity may lessen the possibility of a temporary loss. Uniswap also provides pools that you may join with a pair of wXRP and another token.

Wrapped was first developed via a partnership with Anchorage, which acts as a custodian for cryptocurrencies authorized in the United States, and Tokensoft (a San Francisco-based company). Nine different cryptocurrencies have been given a wrapped form by these two companies.


What DeFi apps can I use with wrapped XRP?

Wrapped is investigating new opportunities by adopting a multi-custodian strategy in order to make a range of tokens interoperable. This strategy is being investigated by the company.

Borda claims that Bitcoin custodians do not necessarily support all digital assets. Creating wrapped tokens would be made easier by working with many crypto custodians, which would increase the number of token options available. This would contribute to the development of a thriving environment for DeFi.

Is There Big News For XRP? Will That Affect On XRP Price?

First observed on Friday, July 15th, suspicious behavior with XRP tokens continues to this day. 60 million XRP worth $21.86 million were transmitted from Ripple’s address to an unknown wallet, as reported by WhaleAlerts. Three hours later, the identical amount of XRP was transferred from an unidentified wallet to Bitso, a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange in Mexico.

In addition, within an hour, 59.9 million XRP were withdrawn from one Bitso account to another, or to the same address from where they originated. It is also vital to note that all addresses implicated in the transaction contain XRP worth many millions of dollars. 


XRP updated news and price

Is a significant news due to startling the XRP community? 

The anomalous days for XRP started on Friday when the token’s trading volume increased twelvefold in two hours. Then, at the beginning of a new week, unusual activity was seen once again, with XRP being transferred in multimillion-dollar transactions from wallets to exchanges and back again within short time intervals. This pattern continues to exist now. 

As noted earlier, current events have no direct effect on the price of XRP. The token’s price continues to be quoted around the top of the price corridor, where it encounters a significant degree of resistance at $0.375. However, although these transactions have no direct effect, they may indirectly indicate future price fluctuations. Perhaps XRPL or Ripple are planning major announcements or changes, or perhaps they are just redistributing tokens.

FAQs Wrapped XRP

Is XRP Can Be Wrapped?

In order to utilize XRP on other blockchains besides the XRP Ledger, you must first wrap it in a different cryptocurrency. For example, if XRP is wrapped up in Ethereum, DApps and wallets may transmit, stake and swap wrapped XRP. At a 1:1 ratio, each wrapped token may be unwound and returned to its original value.

Is Wrapped XRP Safe?

Wrapped XRP tokens are secure from a technological standpoint. Safe platforms like Ethereum will likely keep it, and it will then be transformed into an ERC-20 token, ensuring the network’s safety.


FAQs about wrapped XRP

Where To Buy Wrapped XRP?

If you’re just getting started where to buy wrapped XRP?’s ERC-20 Wrapped XRP may be purchased on Binance. It’s possible to begin wrapping XRP by signing up for a Wrapped account and depositing a small amount of wrapped XRP.

Closing Thoughts

Token wrapping is a fantastic method for enhancing cross-chain functionality and interoperability. Fans of Ethereum DeFi now have the opportunity to experiment with holding and investing in XRP. Now that you have access to the Ethereum ecosystem, there are a vast number of options available to XRP holders. Regardless of the group you belong to, you must use an auditable, trustworthy wrapped token.