What Is ShibaSwap And How To Use It – Completly Guides And Tips


05 March 2022

What is ShibaSwap and how to use ShibaSwap are two topics that new users usually consider? Let bePAY take care of it for you. Reading this post will help you find out informative content about ShibaSwap and deep useful facts about this Decentralised Exchange (DEX).

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) is the familiar name for crypto users, Many users would like to invest, and Shiba Inu is the name that almost all newbies would like to engage with. But holding Shiba still has many drawbacks because of market volatility. Thank ShibaSwap. There are still many other methods to earn much more for your investment.

Together with research, this post will gain information about ShibaSwap and further useful guides and tips to use it for new cryptocurrency users. Now first, let’s explain ShibaSwap. What is it?

What Is ShibaSwap?

Explain ShibaSwap – ShibaSwap is a decentralized exchange designed specifically for the Shiba Inu community. It has recently received a lot of interest within the SHIB community, whereby they find it easiest to trade and profit using the decentralized ecosystem’s tokens.

ShibaSwap enables traders to exchange one cryptocurrency for another straight from their blockchain wallets without having to create an account or provide any personal information. ShibaSwap, since it is based on the Ethereum blockchain, allows trading between ERC-20 tokens, which are tokens designed for that particular platform.


Explain ShibaSwap

Users may also stake (deposit) their cryptocurrency in the exchange’s liquidity pools so that it can be used by the exchange. In exchange, users earn cryptocurrency incentives on their staked tokens.

The community is centred around three major coins: SHIB, LEASH, and BONE.

  • Shiba Inu ($SHIB) is the Shiba Inu community’s primary currency.
  • Bone ShibaSwap ($BONE) is the governance token for ShibaSwap. Holders may suggest and vote on ShibaSwap modifications. BONE is also used for cryptocurrency staking, since holders may stake it to gain more.
  • Doge Killer ($LEASH) is a token that was designed to monitor the price of Dogecoin at a 1:1,000 ratio. It no longer serves this purpose and is instead utilized as a store of value for ShibaSwap investors.

Let’s see this video to understand more about ShibaSwap

How To Get Started With Shibaswap

How to prepare for ShibaSwap – ShibaSwap has not posted any specific guidelines on how to use Shibaswap. However, it is assumed that Shibaswap will operate in a way similar to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Nevertheless, in order to learn how to use Shibaswap, you must know how to prepare for ShibaSwap. One must first have a wallet containing the Shibatoken. Only then will they be able to fully use Shibaswap. The following is a summary of How to prepare for ShibaSwap 

  • Create a crypto wallet they could be Coinbase wallet, Wallet connect or MetaMask Wallet – There are 3 options for your Browser Android and iOS version (Metamask Wallet). You can only purchase and sell Shiba coins if you have a MetaMask wallet. Click on the link to gain more on how to create a metamask wallet
  • After you’ve established your MetaMask wallet, you may transfer your Ethereum to it as gas fees.
  • After transferring, you may swap it into SHIB, LEASH, or BONE 

Keep reading to explore the features of ShibaSwap.


Creating MetaMask Wales

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How To Use Shibaswap

At First Glance

On the display of ShibaSwap‘s main website, there are six functions that you can use, that incorporate with 3 tokens SHIB, LEASH and BONE let’s discover each one.

There are three ShibaSwap tokens that you can dig or bury, and you can do that with each one. Digging is what the network does to make money, and burying is what people do when they want to bet. This is the same thing you can do on ShibaSwap as on any other DEX. You can provide liquidity to the platform so that it has enough assets to complete every transaction; this is called digging. In any proof-of-stake network, burying is the same thing.


ShibaSwap Display



Doing this is a great thing for the platform. By doing this, you will give the platform the liquidity it needs to run every single transaction on the exchange. While also digging for SHIB, Leash, and Bone, you get your token back in the form of a ShibaSwap Liquidity Protocol (SSLP) version of the token.

Your SHIB temporarily switches places with the SHIB SSLP when you dig in the SHIB. SHIB SSLP is a kind of placeholder token that you will trade back for your SHIB whenever you want to un-dig it. When you want to get your SHIB back, you will do this. During the time the tokens are being dug, users are still getting BONE for free.


There are 10,000 distinctive NFTs called “Shiboshis,” which are pixelated Shiba Inu dog cartoons like CryptoPunks with various features, some rarer than many others. Each user may exchange them with the others.


In Shibaswap, users can use the BURY function to stake tokens and get back WOOF when they do. Bury SHIB, LEASH or BONE. You could know in real-time the APY for each token. When you make a commitment token, you’ll get xSHIB, xLEASH, or xBONE, which are your share of the pool.

You’ll get 33% of BONE for your return. The other 67% will be time-locked for six months.

To get the most profit, keep your tokens staked. As long as you keep your tokens in the pool, you’ll get more money back. If you keep moving your tokens in and out of the pool, your long-term gain rate will go down. WOOF returns are sent out every week.


Using the exchange function of this section of the ShibaSwap platform, users may trade between numerous assets using the site’s exchange function.


This function helps the community to grasp the demands, and requirements of the project while also attending to the potential that this ecosystem provides to the community.


Woof is where you get BONE rewards on the ShibSwap platform by trading SSLP tokens for BONE rewards.

Aside from these features, the Shibaswap website includes information on the rates for SHIBA, LEASH, and BONE.

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Is Shibaswap Safe


ShibaSwap Certik Audit

For most new users, is shibaswap safe is the question that gains lots of attention. ShibaSwap now has a safety score of 92/100 and has rectified 97% of the 34 concerns revealed during the platform’s rigorous assessment, according to blockchain security rating firm CertiK. ShibaSwap outperforms decentralized finance (DeFi) giants Aave and Polygon, which both received 93/100.

Furthermore, 96% of CertiK users agreed that ShibaSwap was a secure service. This statistic, however, should not be used in isolation to determine the safety of a platform.

When participating in DeFi platforms, it’s always a good idea to do your own due research and educate yourself on the dangers involved.

Final Thoughts

Now you understand more about What Is ShibaSwap – ShibaSwap story is a wonderful illustration of how a crypto dapp may be effective if it is tailored to a certain community and intended to optimize that group’s interaction with it.

ShibaSwap began as a fork, but its functionality has matured to the point where it is designed to suit the ecosystem of their three flagship currencies by changing the reward allocations. It is also interesting how the product is developed with a gamified experience in mind, which enhances engagement and greatly alleviates the load of DeFi language, which may be intimidating for first-time DeFi customers.