What Is A Token Crypto? The Differences Between Token Vs Coin


28 April 2022

In the simplest terms, a Token is a monetary unit issued by a business. The limitation in the context of cryptocurrencies is that they must be approved by a community and backed by the blockchain.

It is critical to distinguish between a coin and a token. While a cryptocurrency is self-contained and works on its own platform, a token is a cryptocurrency that is constructed on top of an existing blockchain.

In this essay, bePAY will explain what is a token. We’ll discuss the Token concept. You may have come across the terms token and coin while discussing cryptocurrencies. We use these two words imprecisely and interchangeably. However, did you realize that the two phrases refer to two very distinct conceptions and meanings? There has been some uncertainty about these two concepts, so allow us to clarify and assist you in your understanding.

  • What Is A Token Crypto?
  • How Does A Token Crypto Work?
  • How Many Types Of Tokens Crypto?
  • Where To Find Crypto Tokens List
  • What Is Difference Between A Coin And A Token?
  • FAQs About Token
  • Closing Thoughts

What Is A Token Crypto? 

Term Of Token

For the most part, a token is a tangible representation of something else. It may also refer to an abstract idea, such as the value placed on the receiver by the donor while making a gift. There are a variety of tokens in computers. Many shapes of the token may include: a ticket, a poker chip,  a specific coin of an organisation (a group, a casino, a government) for using services, etc

What Is A Token Crypto?

In terms of Cryptocurrency, what is a token crypto? Any kind of asset is referred to as “tokens” other than Bitcoin, Ethereum and other native coins that run on their blockchain. Alternatively, the term is used to represent digital assets that operate on top of pre-existing blockchain infrastructure. 

Tokens and how they operate will be discussed in more detail now. There is a specific reason for the creation of crypto tokens in general. Tokens may be used for everything from generating money to providing access to services, depending on the organization or people who created them.


What Is A Token Crypto?

Similarly to other crypto assets, these tokens are decentralized mediums of trade and employ cryptographic signatures for security and record-keeping. There are, nevertheless, some important distinctions.

How Does A Token Crypto Work?

Crypto tokens are cryptocurrency tokens, as stated above. Blockchain-based tokens denominated in cryptocurrencies are used to make transactions. Chained or connected chunks of data are stored in a particular database known as a “blockchain.” The term “crypto-asset” refers to the concept of a crypto token or coin having a specific monetary worth.

This is how it all works. It’s all about the numerous elliptical curve encryption methods, public-private key pairings, and hashing functions that keep these entries secure.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a kind of cryptocurrency that can be used to make secure online payments. Internal system ledger entries reflect these tokens.

A standard platform like Ethereum enables users to generate tokens, which in turn serve as the transaction units on blockchains that utilise these crypto assets. Smart contracts or decentralized apps are used to handle and manage the many transactions that take place on the blockchain in such blockchains.

This contract is a self-executing contract, with the terms of the agreement encoded directly into lines of code by both parties. There is a distributed, decentralized blockchain network that disseminates the code and the agreements it includes. Transactions may be tracked and undone thanks to the code’s command-and-control capabilities.


Crypto Token Working Mechanism

In a retail chain, for example, you may have a crypto token representing a set amount of client loyalty points on a blockchain. Token holders may be entitled to watch 10 hours of video-sharing blockchain streaming material, for example.

As an example, a crypto token that is equivalent to 15 bitcoins on one specific blockchain would be considered an additional cryptocurrency. It is possible to trade and transfer these crypto tokens among the blockchain’s members.

How Many Types Of Tokens Crypto?

The phrase “cryptocurrency” is used often, therefore it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with its meanings. Besides the broad definitions in the preceding section, there are specific types of crypto assets whose names include the word “token”.As a starting point, consider the following:

DeFi Token – Tokens based on the DeFi protocol Recent years have seen the emergence of a new universe of cryptocurrency-based protocols that try to replicate conventional financial system operations (lending and saving, insurance, trading). It is possible to trade or hold tokens issued by these protocols like any other cryptocurrency.

Tokens of authority In a protocol or service without a board of directors or any other central authority, these DeFi coins allow holders a vote in its destiny. Compound, for example, provides all users with a token known as COMP. Those who own this token have a say in the future of Compound. The higher number of COMP tokens you have, the more votes you will get.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) A unique digital or physical asset is represented by an NFT, which represents the owner’s rights. In order to make it more difficult for digital products to be duplicated and distributed, several tools may be used (an issue anyone who has ever visited a Torrent site full of the latest movies and video games understands). Also, they’ve been used to sell unique virtual assets, such as rare game items, in limited quantities.


Types of Tokens Crypto

Security Tokens Traditional financial instruments such as stocks and bonds are being replaced by security tokens, a new type of digital asset. For the most part, they are used to sell shares in a corporation or other enterprises (such as real estate) without the requirement for a broker, much like traditional markets. Security tokens have been said to be considered an alternate form of obtaining funds for major corporations and startups.

Utility Tokens – Their main purpose is to provide holders with access to a certain product or service.

Reward Tokens – The DeFi services discussed earlier depend on investors lending their own bitcoin cash. As compensation, investors earn cryptocurrency incentives. Typically, these prizes are distributed in the form of crypto tokens.

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Where To Find Crypto Tokens List?

Now that we’ve defined crypto tokens, let’s look at a couple of the most popular in Crypto Tokens List:

  • USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT) are both stablecoins tied to the US dollar. They’re both meant to maintain a $1 price and are based on the Ethereum network.
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a contentious meme token whose value soared in 2021. That success was mostly due to its popularity, and the token’s value has since declined dramatically. Additionally, it is based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Chainlink (LINK) is a blockchain-based oracle network that enables smart contracts to receive real-world data. Additionally, it is based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Uniswap (UNI) is the token for the same-named decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX). Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that, like the others on this list, is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

To see other crypto token lists you can use Coinmaketcap or CoinGecko


Crypto Tokens List

These are only a few of the largest crypto tokens by market capitalization, but there are countless more. While some may be worthwhile bitcoin investments, the overwhelming majority are not. Due to the ease with which a cryptocurrency token may be created, many developers generate worthless tokens with the intention of earning fast money.

What Is Difference Between A Coin And A Token?

We can use the term of cryptocurrency or digital assets to refer both tokens and coins. However, there are a big distinct between a coin and a token. Let’s see what is the difference between a coin and a token. 

Crypto Coins

  • Utilizes its own blockchain

A blockchain is a public ledger that keeps track of all transactions involving its native coin. When you make a payment using Ethereum, the transaction is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. If the same individual subsequently repays you with Bitcoin, the receipt is added to the Bitcoin blockchain. Each transaction is encrypted and is available to all network members.

  • Functions similarly to money

Bitcoin was created with the explicit purpose of eclipsing traditional currencies. Transparency and anonymity’s contradictory attraction encouraged the invention of further currencies, including ETH, NEO, and Litecoin.

Today, you can use crypto currencies to buy items and services from a variety of large firms, like Amazon, Microsoft, and Tesla. Bitcoin was just adopted as El Salvador’s official currency alongside the US dollar.


Token vs Coin

  •  Mineable

There are two methods to earn cryptocurrencies. One method is via classic mining based on the Proof of Work principle. Bitcoin hunters use this technique to increase their revenue. The issue is that there aren’t too many Bitcoins left to mine, making the process increasingly difficult by the day.

The second way is Proof of Stake, a more contemporary means of earning money. It is more energy-efficient and easier to execute. Cardano is one of the most well-known currencies that use this concept.

Crypto Tokens

In contrast to coins, tokens do not use a blockchain. Rather than that, they function on the blockchains of other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum. BAT, BNT, Tether, and numerous stablecoins like the USDC are some of the most often encountered tokens on Ethereum.

If blockchain technology is used to manage cryptocurrency transactions, tokens depend on smart contracts. They are a group of codes that allow users to perform transactions and make payments. Each blockchain is equipped with its own smart contract. For instance, Ethereum makes use of the ERC-20 standard, whereas NEO makes use of the Nep-5 standard.


Tether Is An Example Of Token Crypto

When a token is used, it physically relocates. The trading of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is an excellent illustration of this. Due to the fact that they are one-of-a-kind products, each change in ownership must be done manually. Because NFTs often have mainly emotional or aesthetic value, they are akin to utility tokens in certain ways, except that they cannot be used to obligate services.

Token vs Coin

This is distinct from coins since crypto coins do not change; only account balances do. When you move money from one bank to another, it does not run anywhere. Both accounts were rebalanced and the bank kept the fees. The same thing occurs with blockchain – your wallet’s balance changes and the transaction records this change. 

Another significant distinction between token vs coin is the value they represent. While cryptocurrency coins are simply digital currencies, tokens may represent assets or deeds.

While currencies may be used to purchase tokens, certain tokens may be worth more than any of them. For instance, a corporation’s stock. However, since there are often constraints on where a token may be used, it lacks the liquidity that a currency provides.


Main Differences Of Coin And Token

Simply put, a token symbolizes what you hold, and a coin denotes what you can get.

On a wider scale, tokens before the popularity of cryptocurrencies. It bears little relation to cryptography even today.

Everyone has used a token at some time in their life. That certificate for supper for two that you received in the mail is a token. Your automotive title is only symbolic. When you sell your automobile, you transfer the title’s worth to another party. However, you cannot use that title or certificate to buy a computer or meal ticket from Microsoft.

Another alluring feature of tokens is their simplicity of generation.  Certain networks, like Ethereum, give templates for you to customize your tokens and begin trading. This enables anybody, regardless of technical expertise, to become a market maker. This sort of behaviour is prevalent in decentralized markets such as Uniswap.

Let’s see the short description of token vs coin 

Features Coin Token
Operation On its blockchain Depending on the optional blockchain 
Usecases Acts as digital valuable assets, monetary worth in some places Acts as someone’s ownership of something (NFTs, game items, private tickets), monetary worth in some cases
How to make Hard To Build Up On A Separate Blockchain Easy To Build Up On Exist Blockchains
Blockchain Nature A blockchain have a native coin A blockchain could have any kind of tokens run on it network
Liquidity High Low

FAQs About Token

Is Bitcoin A Token?

Not quite. While all cryptocurrencies are technically tokens, most people see Bitcoin as a coin, which implies it is native to the blockchain upon which it is based. On the other hand, tokens, in the sense that we’ve been discussing here, operate inside pre-existing blockchains.

Indeed, a single blockchain may support a large number of distinct tokens—the network Ethereum now supports just short of half a million.

Is It Possible For Me To Create A Crypto Token?

You can—but first, you’ll need to consider your strategy! To establish a token, you must first acquire a blockchain on which to execute it. Numerous tokens are currently based on the ERC20 standard, which is built on the Ethereum network. There are several how-to manuals available online, but a word of caution: a little computer savvy goes a long way!

What Is The Definition Of A Non-Fungible Token?

Tokens that are not fungible are used to represent digital assets. They’re a mechanism for individuals to own and record their assets on the blockchain.

The term “non-fungible” refers to the fact that the tokens are not interchangeable—owning one indicates ownership of a single, unique, non-transferable item, such as a work of art. NFTs have made news recently due to their staggering sales, so it’s worth learning more about what an NFT is.


Token Crypto Frequently Asked Questions

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Closing Thoughts

We’ve discussed what a token is and how crypto tokens function, but why are they so important? Crypto tokens may be used to digitally represent nearly any asset in the world, with all transactions involving that asset being recorded on the blockchain. This is a novel and significant method of documenting ownership and establishing transparency that is just now being investigated.

If you’re considering investing in cryptocurrencies, it’s beneficial to have a basic understanding of crypto tokens. You’re likely to run across quite a number of them, and understanding what they are can help you make a more informed investment decision