How To Use WalletConnect – Immensely Detail Guide For Newbies


20 April 2022

WalletConnect consumers like the service’s simplicity, efficiency, and security. These features contribute to the reason why so many people throughout the globe have begun using it. WalletConnect’s popularity will undoubtedly continue to increase. Also, since cryptocurrencies have increased in popularity in recent years, such platforms are becoming more significant in the public sector.

A crypto wallet is a must for crypto users who want to connect to decentralized applications (dApps). Wallets also allow users to access Dapps operating on blockchains like Ethereum. With so many blockchain wallets available, developers find it difficult to integrate support for all of them into their decentralized apps. As a result, WalletConnect provides a solution that makes it simple for developers to integrate a link between dApps and wallets. In this post, bePAY will take a deeper look at what WalletConnect is all about as well as WalletConnect reviews.

What Is WalletConnect?

A common misunderstanding about WalletConnect is that it is frequently referred to as an application. This is not the case. Rather than an application, WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that enables communication across multiple wallets and decentralized applications. Between two applications, wallets, or devices, the protocol establishes an encrypted connection. This connection is symmetrically encrypted using the two peers’ common keys.

As WalletConnect reviews, it integrates with over 100 top wallets, the most popular of which are MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, and Argent. Wallets and dApps communicate via a QR code or a deep link.

The code or link is distributed by one peer and is subsequently examined or authorized by the interaction’s other party. When WalletConnect is incorporated into a dApp, creating a secure and dependable connection is a breeze. This is even safer than using MetaMask or any of the other wallets alone.


WalletConnect review

Additionally, WalletConnect has important capabilities that are beneficial for blockchain development. Following are a few examples:

WalletConnect is currently chain agnostic. This implies that WalletConnect may be used while dealing with Ethereum or Solana, for example. Additionally, according to WalletConnect’s official website, the protocol will be expanded in the future to enable additional chains.

Multi-Chain — In addition to supporting several chains, the protocol supports multi-chain integration. This implies that a wallet may be connected to numerous chains concurrently.

Additionally, WalletConnect is platform neutral. This implies that the protocol may be utilized in a variety of applications, including desktop, browser, mobile, and gaming.

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Is WalletConnect App Safe? 

With WalletConnect, the transaction signing occurs within the WalletConnect app on your mobile device. The considerations are that you must ensure that the transaction sent to WalletConnect is the transaction you intend to send (that it contains the correct recipient address and amount) and that your WalletConnect Mobile app is not altering the transaction and returning a malicious transaction (intentionally routing your funds to a malicious entity). This is mostly dependent on the security of the WalletConnect application you are using.

Additionally, WalletConnect protects the user’s password and never shares it with the interacted platform. However, it should be noted that hardware wallets are far safer and more trustworthy than smartphone apps, owing to their very complicated and well-developed security-oriented technology.


Is the WalletConnect app safe?

This enables the user to have complete faith in it and to interact with the user’s private keys more easily. Numerous recorded cyber-attacks and fraud involving digital crypto wallets have raised worries regarding an individual’s digital assets’ safety and security. As a result, solutions such as WalletConnect come in helpful for resolving this issue.

WalletConnect Vs MetaMask What Are The Main Differences?

For DeFi, WalletConnect and MetaMask are the two main points of entry into the DApp ecosystem. Let’s take a look at what each has to offer as a link to your wallet.


An open-source technology called WalletConnect connects mobile cryptocurrency wallets to Decentralized Applications (DApps). It serves as a communication channel between mobile wallets and DApps that need a connection to a wallet, particularly those lacking Web3 functionality.

WalletConnect is only a bridge for connecting your cryptocurrency wallet to DApps through third-party DApps. A DApp’s connection request to WalletConnect is not immediately approved by the other end. A transaction request from a DApp in your mobile wallet must still be explicitly authorized by you to provide you with full control.


Meanwhile, WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that connects digital wallets to Dapps, Metamask Wallet is a Hot digital Wallet that can sync into WalletConnect. MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that integrates with the Ethereum network and supports Ethereum-based currencies and tokens.

Apart from transmitting and receiving Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, MetaMask may also be used to connect to DApps (Decentralized Applications) through an integrated browser.

Main Differences

Both WalletConnect and MetaMask act as bridges between crypto wallets and DeFi-enabled DApps. Let’s take a look at what each offers in terms of functioning as a wallet connection.

Blockchains Supported

WalletConnect is an independent blockchain. It is not based on any Blockchain technology and is also not backed by any coin. This enables it to support a large number of DApps. And could connect with any blockchain, any Dapp, and almost all wallets. 

MetaMask was created to interact with the Ethereum network. MetaMask can connect to and engage with DApps on the Ethereum blockchain as well as other Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks like Binance, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon. 

Polkadot, Solana, and the remainder of the collection are not supported. You are permitted to save their tokens but not to associate them with them.


WalletConnect vs MetaMask comparison

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Both WalletConnect and MetaMask are completely free to use. Connect your wallet and DApps without incurring additional fees.


WalletConnect exists solely to connect. Connecting DApps to mobile wallets enables convenient and safe transactions.

MetaMask is a dual-purpose application. Serves as a cryptocurrency wallet and a portal to blockchain-based decentralized applications. MetaMask allows you to safely store broadcast transactions and connect to decentralized apps.


Anyone seeking an open-source mechanism for integrating decentralized apps into mobile wallets needs to look no further. MetaMask is accessible as a browser extension for Chromium and Mozilla Firefox-based browsers, as well as a mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

WalletConnect does not have an app and is only accessible through developer-implemented scripts in DApps and Crypto Wallets.

Platforms Supported

MetaMask is available as a download for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, as well as as a SaaS application. WalletConnect is only offered as a software-as-a-service (Software as a service)


Both MetaMask and WalletConnect lack a 24/7 live support option. Rather than that, there is online help for inquiries and concerns. However, MetaMask appears to be slow to respond.


Is Metamask compatible with WalletConnect?


WalletConnect’s connection is encrypted end to end, allowing DApps access to only the contents of your crypto wallet. Your wallet’s private keys are never shared and remain secure within it. Each transaction request on WalletConnect must be authorized by the user via the mobile wallet, which ensures the service’s security.

MetaMask’s wallet is encrypted with a 12-character key that can be decoded only with the user’s password. It is solely a custodial service for the user. Private keys are not retained by the service, but on the user’s mobile device or browser cache, and are only accessible with a password.

MetaMask lacks the protection provided by 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), making it somewhat less secure, as the wallet’s security is entirely dependent on the integrity of your password.

MetaMask requires permission to write to and read from any webpage. Before a DApp can execute a transaction, it must first be approved by the user using the wallet interface.

FAQs About WalletConnect

Is Metamask Compatible With WalletConnect?

Yes, WalletConnect is compatible with over 100 top wallets, the most popular of which are MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, and Argent. Wallets and dApps communicate via a QR code or a link.

What Is WalletConnect Used For? 

WalletConnect is a handy open-source solution that allows a mobile wallet to effortlessly connect to and interact with decentralized online services. It is a more secure method of interacting with Dapps than using a desktop or browser-based wallet like Metamask.


What is WalletConnect used for? 

Why Should I Utilize WalletConnect?

WalletConnect enables one-tap access to a diverse array of DeFi devices and online Dapps. It functions as a handy open-source solution that enables users to manage their finances by linking their mobile wallets to decentralized services.

As a result, users should choose wallet connectivity for their daily activities. It will enable individuals to manage their financial resources via their mobile phones or PCs, adding to their convenience.

Does WalletConnect Require An Account?

No. WalletConnect does not require an account to utilize as a developer or a user.

To Sum Up

To summarize, after going through the WalletConnect review, it provides a plethora of advantages. It has proven to be a valuable resource for many and has increased the user’s convenience, simplicity of use, and engagement. Regular cryptocurrency users may include WalletConnect into their everyday routines, guaranteeing seamless transaction and conversion of various digital currencies.

Numerous customers have jumped on the WalletConnect bandwagon since the platform offers the needed degree of security and dependability in the cryptocurrency market.