Completly Evaluate Smooth Love Potion (SLP) Tokens


30 May 2022

You may have arrived at the incorrect place if you came here seeking instructions on how to construct Cupid’s arrow and whether or not it is possible to purchase love. Instead, we are going to analyze the most recent development in NFTs and cryptocurrencies to decide whether or not it is beneficial to invest money in these areas. something tasty elements Love Elixir that Is Silky Smooth (SLP).

Axie Infinity is a famous blockchain-based online game that was developed in Vietnam by Sky Mavis. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is the in-game money that is associated with Axie Infinity.

Let’s take a look at what Smooth Love Potions Tokens are, how they function, and what the SLP token is used for in the world today. With this enlightening article here on bePAY

What Are Smooth Love Potions Tokens?

SLP Token Definition 

In Axie Infinity, the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is an ERC-20 token that functions as the game’s money. You may earn the token by performing in-game objectives or by breeding new Axies, which are animals similar to Pokemon that you utilize in battles against other players. This is not to be confused with the Axie Infinity token, often known as AXS, which serves as the governance token for the game. There are  5,37 billion $SLP in circulation at the time of writing.

The fact that there was no restriction on the number of SLP tokens was an inherent flaw in the token. When more people are playing the game daily, more tokens are produced. This unavoidably resulted in colossal inflation, which brought the game’s economy dangerously close to collapsing.


What are Smooth Love Potions?

What is the SLP token used for?

Users that have purchased SLP may make use of the following features, which were designed to make gaming on Axie Infinity as enjoyable as possible:

  • The capacity to breed Axies in the game up to a total of seven times.
  • Provided as prizes for those who have reached a certain degree of achievement.
  • Can be bought and sold on many platforms.
  • Traded on Binance’s Innovation Zone using ETH as the trading pair when appropriate.

About Axie Infinity

A world based on Pokémon, Axie Infinity, is being developed on Ethereum. Tokens may be earned by anybody who plays successfully and contributes to the ecosystem. For pets, players on Axie Infinity establish “Axies,” which are land-based kingdoms. On the Axie Infinity Marketplace, they may purchase Axies from other players to get into the game. Third-party developers may access all in-game assets and Axie-related data, allowing them to create their tools and experiences in the Axie Infinity realm.

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History Of SLP

An Ethereum-based digital asset called Smooth Love Potion (SLP) was established. It was developed as a way to thank individuals for their involvement in the Axie Infinity network. In the game, Smooth Love Potion (SLP) may be used to pay for breeding costs and other in-game things. It can also be swapped for other items on the exchange.


SLP’s history

“Smooth Love Potion” is derived from “glutinous rice cake,” a famous Korean delicacy. It is customary to present glutinous rice cakes as gifts to show someone how much you care.

On December 19, 2019, the Axie Infinity team launched the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) coin. After watching the success of initiatives like CryptoKitties and Decentraland, the team decided to build the token (MANA). We want to create a sense of community around the game and give individuals credit for their work.

How Does SLP Work?

As previously stated, a particular number of potions must be drunk to properly breed an Axie. The breeding cost is calculated by the breed counts of both parents. If a parent’s breed count is high, it would need more potions to breed them.

There are seven permissible breeding levels. According to existing charts, the first level consumes roughly 100 SLP, the second level up to 200 SLP, the third level 300 SLP, the The The fourth level is 500 SLP, the fifth level is 800 SLP, the sixth level is 1,300 SLP, and the seventh level is 2,100 SLP.

Let’s examine a straightforward description of the arithmetic used to determine the number of potions necessary for a breed. It is the number of a first parent breed multiplied by the needed number of potions multiplied by the number of a second parent breed multiplied by the required number of potions.


How does SLP work?

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How To Earn SLP?

SLP may be gained through completing daily missions, playing against other players in the Arena (PvP), or fighting creatures in the Adventure mode (PvE).

Complete Daily Missions

As of November 2021, users that do a daily check-in, complete 10 adventure mode levels, and win 5 arena matches will get an additional 25 SLP from the daily quest.

Battle In Arena (PvP)

Arena (PvP) is the game’s primary source of SLP awards. The PvP Arena pits players against one another depending on their respective ranks (MMR). Every Arena match will use one energy, and every victory will provide SLP according to the player’s MMR. The greater your rank, the more SLP you get each victory. Note that an MMR of 800 or above is required to get SLP awards.

Players may still play PvP to increase their MMR if their energy is low, but they will not get SLP prizes. You may see your available energy from the main menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Your energy is proportional to the number of Axies you possess.

Combat In Adventure Mode (PvE)

Adventure is the game’s single-player mode. It comprises 36 increasingly challenging stages with SLP prizes. The maximum daily SLP gain through adventures is 50. Energy is not required to start adventure mode; it is only required if you desire to obtain experience points for your Axies.


Some methods to gain SLP

PvE demands less time and effort to farm SLP than PvP. However, SLP awards may only be received once at every adventure level. You may replay the same level to complete the SLP reward criteria for a daily mission, but you will not get additional SLP awards. To gain more SLP, you may also be at the bosses at certain levels to get one-time SLP awards.

SLP Inflation And It Solutions 

SLP has an unlimited token supply, which means that there is no restriction on the future quantity of SLP tokens.

This led to an unsustainable environment for new gamers and a decline in user numbers. Axie creators recognized in a post that “the Axie economy demands immediate dramatic and decisive intervention, or we face complete and irreversible economic collapse.”

The update for “Season 20” fixes these problems. Several gaming elements, such as “adventure mode” and “daily quest,” have had their emission rates decreased to nil from around 130 million SLP before. This decreases the daily supply of SLP tokens by 56%.

In Axie Infinity, players may acquire SLP tokens via “area combat,” a card-based, turn-based minigame. SLP used to breed or upgrade Axies will be burnt or permanently destroyed, which will further reduce the token’s availability.


SLP season 20

FAQs About SLP

What Is Smooth Love Potion Price? 

SLP has been quite volatile. You can check the real-time smooth love potion price on Coinmarketcap

How To Buy Smooth Love Potion?

If you are interested in trading SLP, you must register an account with one of the following crypto trading platforms that offer SLP:

Binance, Coinbase, FTX, Kucoin, and many more other popular crypto centralized exchanges. 

Is Smooth Love Potion A Good Investment?

There is always the possibility of loss with every investment you make, but the value of Bitcoin is especially prone to wild swings in price. Before investing in SLP, you should have a comprehensive grasp of what it is and whether or not it has any functionality that can be used in the real world? You should also take into consideration your circumstances, aspirations, and level of risk tolerance.


Is Smooth Love Potion a good investment?

What Are People’s Motivations For Trading SLP?

SLP is the major source of income for Axie Infinity gamers since it is required to breed the virtual pets known as Axies, which can then be sold to other players through an NFT marketplace. Earning the necessary amount of SLP to breed Axies may be a time-consuming process. As a result of this, users have begun using cryptocurrency exchanges to sell their SLP to other gamers searching for a simple method to earn more tokens required to breed these digital creatures.

What Distinguishes Smooth Love Potion From Other Love Potions?

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is a virtual currency that can be used inside the game and is also exchanged on the centralized market run by Binance. Trading volumes for play-to-earn cryptocurrencies are among the highest of all cryptocurrencies.

Wrapping Up

Smooth Love Potion SLP tokes are the reward tokens of the widely-known blockchain game Axie Infinity. Users may acquire SLP via trading with other players and by engaging in special events and promotional activities, among other methods.

One of the easiest methods to acquire SLP is to sell or breed your Axies, since these actions may yield substantial sums of money. There are a variety of ways to gain SLP in Axie Infinity, whether you’re a dedicated gamer or simply looking for a quick way to make some extra.