Seed Phrase – The Most Important Factor To Protect Your Crypto Wallet


27 April 2022

A seed phrase is a string of characters created by the bitcoin wallet that grants you access to the cryptocurrency connected with it. Consider a wallet to be analogous to a password manager for cryptocurrency, and the seed phrase to be analogous to the master password. As long as you have your seed phrase, you will retain access to every crypto connected with the wallet that created it – even if the wallet is deleted or lost.

A seed phrase is a collection of words used to unlock your cryptocurrency wallets. You’ll often hear the phrases mnemonic seed or mnemonic phrase used interchangeably to refer to the same concept. However, others argue that they are inadequate descriptions since they indicate that the sentence must be remembered.

Seed phrases, which were introduced in Bitcoin with BIP39, make it simpler for users to backup their wallets.

In this post, bePAY will show you what is a Seed Phrase exactly? Including these traits:

  • What Is A Seed Phrase?
  • How Do Seed Phrases Work?
  • How Do I Find My Seed Phrase?
  • What Are Examples Of Finding Seed Phrase Wallet?
  • Is A Seed Phrase The Same As A Private Key?
  • FAQs About Seed Phrase 
  • Final Thoughts

What Is A Seed Phrase?

In order to retrieve crypto money stored on the chain, a seed phrase (also known as a seed recovery phrase or backup seed phrase), is used. An instruction to write down the seed phrase generated by the wallet program is common. Using a paper copy of the wallet, the user can restore their cryptos if their computer crashes or their hard drive is damaged.

The cryptos are vulnerable to theft by anybody else who learns the phrase, thus it should be protected like valuables or cash. When it comes to social media, for example, no one should ask you for it; it must not be entered into any website.

Cryptocurrency seed words are an effective method of protecting and archiving your Cryptocurrency.


What Is A Seed Phrase?

How Do Seed Phrases Work?

When you create a crypto wallet, a seed phrase is generated automatically. Using the seed phrase, your wallet generates the private keys that allow you to transfer and spend your cryptocurrency.

  • Due to the fact that humans are more adept at remembering and interacting with a series of words, the seed phrase is presented to you in the form of a single word rather than a long string of random numbers. It’s OK to use your memory to store seed phrases, but you shouldn’t do so. What other options are there? Keep reading to learn how to protect your seed phrases.
  • Each seed phrase is chosen from a list of 2048 basic phrases that are available. Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39 in 2013 defined the standard for “deterministic wallets,” which are the majority of wallets today, in which one seed phrase controls all the private keys in the wallet.
  • With the standard, you can easily switch wallets by just entering your seed phrase into the new one and your cryptocurrency will be accessible.
  • Your seed phrase may even be used to restore a wallet in the event that you lose or delete it.
  • Keep your seed phrase out of the hands of hackers, phishing scams, or even simple misplacement.


How Do Seed Phrases Work?

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How Do I Find My Seed Phrase?

You could be trying to figure out how to locate your seed phrase. The seed phrase is usually necessary to be backed up when a wallet is initially set up. Nonetheless, some wallets allow you to retrieve or export your seed phrase.

Make sure your seed phrase is out of sight before you begin your search. Bitcoins may be stolen by anybody who knows your seed phrase!

It’s critical to keep your seed phrase private like an ATM PIN. NO ONE you don’t trust should ever hear your seed phrase. Your bitcoins may be accessed and spent by anybody who knows your seed phrase. There is no way for you to get your money back since Bitcoin transactions are non-reversible. It’s a good idea to be suspicious if someone asks for your seed phrase or for you to transfer money.


How Do I Find My Seed Phrase?

Many con artists will attempt to get your seed word from you. Most of the time, they include quick-money scams. However, there are more complex phishing methods out there. This malware seems to be a genuine version of a well-known service or application.

If this is the first time you’ve seen your seed phrase, be sure to save a duplicate somewhere safe just in case! When it comes to your seed phrase, think of it as your digital currency. You’ll lose your bitcoin if you can’t get to your seed phrase.

This is why it’s crucial to have a copy of your seed phrase on hand. Remember to save a copy of your seed word somewhere safe, secure, and hidden.

Tips: In an effort to preserve their seed phrase, some ideas show to engrave their seed phrases on a metal plate and bury them in the earth. Differently shaped protections ( pieces of paper, a notebook, a USB which contains a seed phrase)


Seed Phrase Wallet Backup Example

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What Are Examples Of Finding Seed Phrase Wallet?

To reveal the seed phrase In this part we will take the Seed phrase Metamask Wallet as by step example: 

If you forget to record your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase or misplaced the original copy, you may expose your Seed Phrase/Secret Recovery Phrase and re-back it up as long as your MetaMask account is still unlocked.

Desktop Version: 


MetaMask Wallet

Next, click on Setting


Seed Phase Wallet Revealing

Scroll down and click the “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase” button.


Reveal Seed Phrase MetaMask 

To see your Seed Phrase/Secret Recovery Phrase, enter your password.

Mobile Version:

On the upper left, tap on the three horizontal lines. Select Setting:


Setting Seed Phrase MetaMask 

In Security, tap Expose Secret Recovery Phrase and then enter your password in the Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase view to reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase:


Seed Phrase Wallet Reveal On Mobile Version Metamask Wallet

To emphasize the critical nature of never disclosing your seed phrase, we’ve altered the phrase’s name to “secret recovery phrase.” More information is available here.

Is A Seed Phrase The Same As A Private Key?

You may transmit or spend part of your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another crypto with the help of private keys, which are generated automatically from the long string of digits that comprise your seed phrase. 

Your seed phrase unlocks your wallet and provides you access to all of your wallet’s private keys. As long as you have your seed phrase (master password), you can access all of your crypto in a crypto wallet like a password manager.

Unlike private keys, seed phrases are easy to capture and transfer when it comes to storing backups. Even better, they’re able to generate a staggering number of keys from a single master key. If you have a single seed, it’s possible to generate an endless number of recipient addresses.

It’s important to note that seed words are not exclusive to any one cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. One seed may be used to recover a complete portfolio of coins and tokens since they can be utilized across hundreds. In most leading wallets, a seed phrase may be used to retrieve the user’s cash if the user has accurately recorded it.


Is A Seed Phrase The Same As A Private Key?

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FAQs About Seed Phrase

What Does BIP39 Stand For?

Known by several names, including master seed, wallet backup, recovery phrase, and mnemonic seed, a Bitcoin seed is officially known as BIP39 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal: 39) in the technical community.

BIP39 through the use of a mnemonic phrase — a set of easy-to-remember phrases — as a backup for a wallet’s private keys. The words are drawn from a database of 2,048 words known as the BIP39 word list.

BIP39 has established itself as the de facto standard for a large number of the most popular wallets. Due to the widespread adoption of this standard, the phrase to your wallet may be typed into any other wallet that supports the same currencies and BIP39 in order to get access to your funds.

 Is It Possible To Recover My Seed Phrase On A Device Manufactured By A Different Manufacturer?

Your seed phrase is entirely compatible with any wallet builder that adheres to the BIP39 protocol. That is, by safeguarding your seed words, you may obviate the need for a trusted third party and a single point of failure in your hardware wallet manufacturer. If anything goes awry, just restore your seed on a separate device manufactured by a different vendor.


Seed Phrases FAQs

Where Did The Words For The Bitcoin Seed Phrase Originate?

Wallets that adhere to the newest bitcoin rules create seed phrases from a list of 2,048 unique words produced as part of Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39, or BIP39. Each word corresponds to a subset of the bits in the lengthy random integer that serves as your seed.

One intriguing point concerning seed phrases and BIP39 is that, given the list’s 2048 words, only the first four letters are really significant. On the list, no two words share the first four letters. You may get away with jotting down simply the first four letters of your seed phrase when saving it.

Is Someone Capable Of Guessing Your Seed Phrase?

Yes, it is theoretically conceivable for someone to accurately guess every word in a twelve- or twenty-four-word Bitcoin seed phrase. This, however, seem to be almost impossible. So far, no incidence of someone guessing the proper Bitcoin seed phrase for a wallet that does not belong to them has been reported.

Final Thoughts

A seed phrase enables individuals to save and recover their private keys easily. Although both seed phrases and private keys enable someone to spend the money in a specific wallet, they are not synonymous. Private keys may be generated by wallets using a Bitcoin seed phrase.

For people wishing to hold a significant number of coins in cold storage for an extended period of time, a device such as a hardware wallet may be a viable alternative. And keeping the backup seed phrase for such a wallet securely is critical.

Seed phrases are also available for software and mobile wallets, albeit they may be considered less crucial due to the fact that intelligent users will not keep an excessive amount of currency in those sorts of wallets.

The BIP39 standard enables the private keys of any wallet that implements it to be obtained from a simple 12 or 24-word string of random words chosen at random from a list of 2,048.