What Is KYC Crypto & Why Do You Need It – Completely Explained For Newbie


10 March 2022

KYC crypto is one of the largest regulatory barriers that crypto businesses have had to cross in recent years. By its essence, the decentralized system is prone to challenges with KYC.

Numerous decentralized services are meant to enable clients to stay anonymous and put their personal data private from every centralized power. This implies many crypto enterprises are not able to determine who their consumers truly are; something authorities do not think is acceptable.

Due to increasing pressure and penalties from authorities, even the most hesitant crypto businesses have been forced to implement ever more strict KYC methods. But before going into the importance of KYC, do you know what exactly KYC is? why Do you need it and Is Crypto Kyc Safe to use? Together with bePAY go through this post.

What Is Kyc In Crypto?

Here are KYC crypto meaning – “Know your customer” or “know your client” is an abbreviation for KYC.  It is the process through which a financial institution verifies a customer’s identification. Identity verification involves information that may be used to confirm your identities, such as a valid identification card, utility bills with your current address, or a passport. The identification documentation requirements differ by institution and even by location.

Clients are often asked to present identity verification papers upon creating an account and sometimes when their personal data changes. For instance, if you change your name formally within a few months after registering your account, you will be forced to update your personal details.


KYC explained

Buying crypto via crypto exchange without KYC procedure is available, however, you may be unable to use all of the services available on an exchange. For instance, Binance enables clients to open accounts, access basic functionalities, and conduct limited transactions without requiring them to provide KYC information. Clients must finish the KYC verification procedure in order to acquire full access and boost their deposit and withdrawal limits.

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Why Does Crypto Need KYC?

Trying to enforce KYC compliance might assist to fight harmful activities adjacent to the crypto realm, including ransomware attacks that limit a user’s access to a system or device until payment is paid. In 2020, victims paid approximately $350M in crypto to hackers, who utilized the anonymity afforded by decentralized cryptocurrency to elude detection.

A 2021 study by the Ransomware Task Force, a multinational gathering of public and private specialists, highlighted the crypto industry as facilitating this form of assault and urged stricter enforcement of current KYC rules, among other remedies.


Why does KYC important?

KYC may also be helpful in strengthening crypto’s public image across the economy. Improved compliance, through more stringent identification processes, might help crypto overcome its apparent link with money laundering and other illicit businesses. This might lead to a greater number of people using and investing in the technology.

Can You Buy Crypto Via Crypto Exchange Without KYC?

While it is possible to purchase cryptocurrency without completing a KYC process, doing so is more difficult and carries a higher level of risk. You may acquire cryptocurrency anonymously via decentralized exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs.

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is an exchange without the need for a central entity overseeing it. It is possible to decentralize trading in two ways: by using automated market makers or by using peer-to-peer marketplaces (AMMs).

P2P marketplaces provide a venue for buyers and sellers to publish bitcoin deals. It’s like Craigslist for cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that many platforms have fraud prevention systems in place, it is still possible to be duped and lose money. Comparatively, p2p markets for cryptocurrencies incur higher risks than centralized exchanges.


Is it possible to buy crypto via crypto exchange without KYC

AMMs enable you to exchange pairs of cryptocurrencies, and they establish their trading prices using smart contracts. They provide trading via liquidity pools, which are pools of user-contributed crypto money. Popular AMMs include:

  • Uniswap
  • PancakeSwap
  • Sushiswap

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Since AMMs don’t need identification verification, you require to also have a digital wallet with assets to trade. You can’t purchase bitcoin with cash on these services. Buying cryptocurrency using fiat money is a popular initial step for many crypto enthusiasts. Transferring the funds to a crypto wallet and linking it to an AMM gives them access to a larger range of digital assets.

Some FAQs About KYC Crypto

Why Do KYC Crypto Meaning To Exchanges?

Money laundering has risen globally and accounts for roughly 5% of global GDP. Implementing systems like KYC allows financial institutions to get a grip on this transnational epidemic. But why is KYC particularly important for crypto exchanges?

Is Crypto KYC Safe To Use?

This practice is risk-free as long as the business with whom you are doing customer has security and privacy measures in place to know your personal data.

However, fraudsters may attempt to use KYC verification as a pretext in order to steal your information; consequently, always ensure that you only supply information directly to the organization you are wanting to get verified with. Any phone contact requesting personal information in connection with KYC is a fraud since it is necessary to have visual paperwork to complete KYC.


FAQs about KYC crypto

What Document Is KYC Crypto Need?

You’ll notice that KYC standards vary substantially across various exchanges. Some demand almost nothing while others need a government-issued ID and might take several days to authenticate your account.

Crypto is a global industry and there are extremely various rules and criteria in different nations. Sometimes firms in the same nation will have varying KYC requirements depending on their interpretation of the law.

That stated here are some of the frequent restrictions that you can run across on various exchanges:

  • Your name
  • DoB
  • Email address and/or phone number
  • Your residence
  • Driver’s license or passport with Photo/scan of government-issued
  • etc.

Final Thoughts 

KYC is a vital step for many crypto & financial industry firms aiming to stay compliant with AML rules and standards. Businesses may grow in a secure atmosphere free of criminal activity thanks to these financial restrictions.

Binance and other large cryptocurrency exchanges are striving to maintain KYC compliance in order to safeguard their customers, thus you may not be able to deal anonymously. Feel sure, all user data including private details, including KYC information is secured both in storage as well as in transit.

Via this post, you now understand what KYC crypto is why is it important and Is crypto KYC safe to use. To find out other cryptocurrency topics, click here.