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October 31, 2021 – INSIDER TRADING Scandal!!


22 tháng 9 2021

Hey Guys,

About a month ago, it was revealed that several top officials at the Federal Reserve had been trading stocks, bonds and other assets during a time of the most unprecedented Fed action in its 100 year history.

Many have pointed out that this is insider trading by the ultimate insiders – those at the helm of the money printing machine.

Now, whether these individuals did in fact trade on material nonpublic information is yet to be determined. But it did create further distrust in a Federal Reserve that has already lost a great deal of credibility due to their handling of inflation.

However, I think that this insider trading scandal could have much more severe implications for the Fed than most people think. That is because it could provide perfect fodder for those opposed to Jerome Powell to replace him. To replace him with someone who would be more accommodative to lax monetary policy. Someone who would allow inflation to run rampant just so long as it served the broader agenda of those in power.

And, if this reality is to come to pass and inflation turns to hyperinflation (as Jack Dorsey predicted), what would it mean for assets like Bitcoin?

This is all covered in my video today which you can watch here.

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