What Is Bitcoin Cash In Comparison With Bitcoin?


10 June 2022

The genesis block, often known as the first Bitcoin block, was successfully mined for the first time on January 3, 2009. Since that time, the asset’s notoriety in popular culture has skyrocketed. Despite this, Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency ever created, continues to struggle with scaling concerns and has slow transaction times. Bitcoin Cash is the cryptocurrency that can be used in this scenario.

This article will introduce you to Bitcoin Cash, an alternative coin for those who like cryptocurrencies that have the same traits as the king of crypto, Bitcoin. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash shares some of the same features as Bitcoin but can be used on a larger scale. Let’s check out this bePAY post to see what Bitcoin Cash is, how it works, and an in-depth comparison of Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash. 

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is an alternative to the oldest and most-traded cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), whose network is significantly quicker and less expensive. Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that aims to become a stable worldwide currency with quick payments, tiny costs, anonymity, and a huge transaction capacity (big blocks).

Similar to how actual currency, such as a dollar note, is transferred immediately to the payee, BCH payments are sent directly from one individual to another.

BCH, being a permissionless, decentralized cryptocurrency, requires neither trusted third parties nor a central bank. Bitcoin Cash, unlike traditional fiat currency, is independent of financial intermediaries such as banks and payment processors.

Governments and other centralized companies are unable to censor transactions. Similarly, money cannot be confiscated or blocked because of the lack of control of financial third parties over the Bitcoin Cash network.


Bitcoin Cash definition

Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency

BCH is the native coin of the Bitcoin Cash Network from the technological standpoint, BCH is quite similar to the BTC algorithm; namely: both projects have a hard ceiling of 21 million coins and likewise employ the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism and nodes to validate transactions. Thus, traders may use BCH as a hedging strategy, investing in which may spare them some risk.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash price is traded fluctuates at $200 for 1 $BCH. Check the Bitcoin Cash price today on Coinmarketcap


BCH cryptocurrency

What Is Bitcoin Cash Used For?

BCH mixes the rarity of gold with the spendability of cash. BCH, like conventional currency, can be simply spent. Typically, each transaction costs less than a tenth of a cent. Anyone may accept BCH payments using a mobile device or PC.

In addition to peer-to-peer transactions, BCH may be used to pay in-store and online merchants for goods and services. Extremely low costs enable new microtransaction economies, such as tipping content producers and rewarding app users with a few cents.

BCH minimizes costs and settlement times for international transactions and remittances. Other uses for blockchain technology include tokens, simplified smart contracts, and CashShuffle and CashFusion-based private payments.


What is Bitcoin Cash used for?

How Does Bitcoin Cash Work?

BCH users transmit and receive BCH on the blockchain by entering the public-key data associated with their digital wallets. BCH utilizes the Proof of Work consensus, in which participants called “miners” compete using specialized computer hardware to be the first to find new blocks.

Bitcoin Cash employs the same SHA-256 hashing algorithm as Bitcoin; this is the process of converting data into a digital fingerprint.

“Difficulty adjustment” for block mining is one of the characteristics that distinguishes BCH from BTC. The Bitcoin software modifies the mining difficulty every 2,016 blocks mined to guarantee that blocks are constantly mined. BCH instead changes its difficulty every 10 minutes to account for the network’s computing power.

BCH uses a block size that is four to eight times larger than Bitcoin (depending on the implementation of Segregated Witness) in order to process transactions more quickly. These transactions are swift enough that you might make a quick retail purchase using BCH (such as a cup of coffee), but if you were buying a car or a house, you could choose a slower, more secure cryptocurrency such as BTC.


How does it work?

BCH and BTC, therefore, serve distinct purposes. Not every cryptocurrency is a store of value, and not every cryptocurrency requires rapid data processing to function as credit card transactions. It makes it reasonable to use different tools for different jobs, such as a credit card at a restaurant and a bank transfer to purchase a home.

Ultimately, BCH is faster and has cheaper processing fees than BTC, but it is still used less frequently than BTC because it has not been extensively embraced for ordinary cryptocurrency transactions. Many feel that over time, more awareness and related technology advancements and innovations will pave the road for BCH to become a leader in the cryptocurrency payments industry.

The History Of BCH

BCH was conceived as a solution to Bitcoin’s transaction speed concerns in 2017. It is a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, which means that the network is “divided” in two at a specific block – in this case, block 478,558. This block contains an essential protocol. All previous blocks are rendered invalid, requiring all nodes to “upgrade” to the new chain in order to continue using it.

It’s simply a massive software update, through which the prior network continues in a distinct way. In this instance, the preceding network is Bitcoin, whereas Bitcoin Cash carved its own future.

Diverse miners and engineers on the Bitcoin network decided on the fork in an effort to eliminate its constraints. Many people believe Bitcoin is intended for digital transactions rather than as a store of value. How can Bitcoin appeal to the general public if transactions take minutes or even hours? Not to mention the exorbitant transaction costs.


BCH brief history

Opponents of the hard fork criticized it for a number of reasons. For instance, BCH features larger blocks, necessitating a more sophisticated mining procedure that could bankrupt miners with little computing power. In a sense, this can consolidate the platform among the most notable miners, such as corporations that can afford the greatest power.

Then there is the forking procedure. Those who had Bitcoin at the time of the fork received the same quantity of BCH. This is a frequent occurrence with hard forks, but it was allegedly a “get-rich-quick” ploy, according to some.

Roger Ver, a proponent of BCH, retaliates against this accusation. Ver, an early investor in Bitcoin, is a supporter of cryptocurrencies and other future ideas. was one of the first websites to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment in 2011, and he has subsequently organized Bitcoin-related gatherings and conferences.

Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash In Comparison 

Bitcoin Cash was created as a result of Bitcoin’s hard fork. This indicates that, despite certain commonalities, there are also significant variances across cryptocurrencies.

Block Size

As Bitcoin’s popularity grew, one of its issues was that transactions were increasingly processed slowly. This was the effect of a 1 MB block size restriction. SegWit2x was designed to increase the maximum block size to 2 MB. Compared to Bitcoin Cash, it lacks SegWit and has an 8MB block size limit in 2017, allowing it to process transactions significantly faster. This limit was raised to 32MB in May 2018 and may be increased further if currency blocks approach capacity.


Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

Interestingly, Segwit2x was not implemented on bitcoin as expected, resulting in a huge rally in Bitcoin Cash at the expense of Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Cash employs a distinct hashing algorithm from Bitcoin. This means that replay is no longer allowed between the two blockchains. A replay and wipeout safety strategy are in place in the event that Bitcoin Cash splits in the future. It is believed that if a fork happens, both chains will be able to live with minimal disturbance.

Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA)

BCH has a novel algorithm that ensures the blockchain continues to function normally even if the number of miners drastically changes. It serves to provide the cryptocurrency with greater stability.

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash quick looks

Compared Traits Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash
Block size Maximum 1Mb Up to 32MB
Transactions speed 250k transactions per day Up to 2M transactions per day
Block minutes Average 10 minutes per block Adjust upon the block conditional 
Scaling option Scaling tool SegWit2x Eliminate the scaling tool for bigger blocks

FAQs About Bitcoin Cash

Will The Release Of BCH Have An Effect On BTC?

During the first few months of BCH’s existence, it was unlikely that it would pose a significant challenge to its more established competitor in any significant way. Bitcoin, after all, was the first cryptocurrency ever created, and it has a solid track record as a pioneering digital currency.

However, in November of 2017, a fork for Bitcoin failed, which meant that the highly anticipated SegWit2x was not implemented as planned. This resulted in a significant rally for cash at the expense of Bitcoin, which led to the loss of value for Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Cash A Good Investment?

BCH’s usefulness as a daily transaction medium and its rapid, hassle-free processing has led to its rising acceptance. Additionally, the ongoing development of BCH’s infrastructure and the introduction of new will help to maintain its rising popularity.


Is Bitcoin Cash a good investment?

Will BCH Continue To Exist?

Bitcoin Cash’s trajectory into the future is not entirely apparent, but it appears that the cryptocurrency will be there for the foreseeable future at least. The question of whether it will retain meaningful value, on the other hand, is a more major topic of debate: there are over 900 cryptocurrencies currently on the market, and many more are still to be minted, so it could be vulnerable in a market that is growing.

How Does One Acquire BCH?

Depending on your location, BCH is available on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Click our BCH market pairs link for the most recent list of exchanges and trading pairs for this digital currency.

BCH is available on a variety of reputable exchanges, including Binance, Huobi Global, Coinbase, FTX,, and others.

Closing Thoughts

Regarding the future of cryptocurrencies, BCH is undoubtedly carving out its own niche in the market. While Bitcoin enjoys the lion’s share of the market’s attention, much of that interest will undoubtedly transfer to BCH as more retailers accept the cryptocurrency. Ultimately, there is little doubt that BCH is a far quicker and cheaper network.

However, Bitcoin Cash is in competition with similar initiatives, the most notable of which is Litecoin (LTC), which is frequently in close proximity to the asset in terms of market capitalization. However, Litecoin’s properties differ from those of Bitcoin Cash, and it has its own benefits and downsides. It boils down to which platform best meets the demands of a certain user and which platform provides the capabilities that will be most sought after by the broader audience.