Step By Step Guide Of How To Add Polygon To MetaMask


16 June 2022

In today’s world, using the Ethereum Network is becoming increasingly prevalent, although this does bring along certain negative consequences. Polygon promotes itself as a growing solution to Ethereum’s high gas prices and poor transaction processing times, and it claims to be the first to do it.

If you keep your assets in a cryptocurrency wallet created using MetaMask, you almost certainly have the goal of reducing the costs associated with transactions while also increasing their speed. Because of this, it is very necessary to acquire the knowledge necessary to add Polygon to MetaMask wallet.

In this article, bePAY will lead you through a step-by-step tour of the following subjects so that you may gain a deeper understanding of them!

Polygon, MetaMask, And The Reason For This Guide

About Polygon

Before getting started, you absolutely need to have a solid understanding of what Polygon network is. Matic Network was a blockchain scalability platform and framework for linking and building Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks prior to Polygon. Polygon’s major objective is to aggregate scalable solutions to allow a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem; hence, the network also refers to itself as “Ethereum’s internet of blockchains.”

Polygon provides a framework for interoperability with other layer-2 solutions, sidechains, and sovereign blockchains. It is Ethereum-native and compatible with all of Ethereum’s present and future infrastructures. In addition to being a layer-2 aggregate, Polygon wants to develop an ecosystem of interoperable Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

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About MetaMask 

The name “MetaMask” refers to a digital currency wallet that can connect to the Ethereum network. Tokens that are based on Ethereum, such as ERC20, 721, and others, can be stored in a MetaMask wallet.

You may execute transactions with BNB using MetaMask, which is mostly utilized for talking with the Ethereum blockchain. However, MetaMask can also be linked to the Binance Smart Chain network, giving you the ability to do so. In addition to this transaction, BNB may be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges.


Transforming your MetaMask wallet into a Polygon

The Reason For Adding Polygon To MetaMask

The MetaMask wallet is designed to function primarily with blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. As a direct result of this, connecting to other networks necessitates either a hands-on or hands-off process inside the settings of the wallet. The Ethereum Mainnet serves as the foundation for the Polygon Mainnet, which was formerly known as the Matic network.

However, it is not included in the MetaMask wallet by default. Therefore, in order to access the Polygon Network, you will need to link it to the wallet before you can use it.

In order to function properly, Polygon/Matic needs the use of a compatible wallet, and MetaMask appears to be the most viable option for switching the network directly without encountering significant obstacles. That’s why you need to add Polygon to MetaMask.

MetaMask Wallet Installation And Configuration

But first, the most important part is to install and set up your MetaMask wallet. Follow the easy steps in this guide on how to install and set up the MetaMask wallet we have composed for you.

  • All you need to do is download an extension for your browser.
  • Then you can set up your own new MetaMask wallet or you can use your pre-existing wallet.

After downloading and setting up your MetaMask wallet, let’s add Polygon to the MetaMask wallet.


Install and set up your first MetaMask Wallet

Step By Step Guide Of How To Add Polygon To MetaMask 

There are two methods to add Polygon network to MetaMask. We will go through both of them in the below parts.

Method 1: Automatically, Add Polygon To MetaMask (PolygonScan)

The first option is only utilizing a wallet-connected internet bridge.

  • Step 1: Setup the Polygon bridge (PolygonScan)

Initially, visit Make sure to open the page using the browser where the MetaMask extension was downloaded.


Using Polyscan to add Polygon to MetaMask

  • Step 2: Hit the button “Add Polygon Network”

Scroll to the bottom of the page until you locate the “Add Polygon Network” button.


Add Polygon via Polyscan

  • Step 3: Click “Approve” and then add Polygon’s mainnet

Click the previously stated button to see the MetaMask options. Then click “Approve” and you’ve successfully joined the Matic Mainnet.

Method 2: Manually Add Polygon To MetaMask 

Step 1: Open installed MetaMask on your browse

After configuring your MetaMask wallet, all you need to do is just add Polygon network to MetaMask to have access to it. To accomplish this, we will open the side panel of our MetaMask wallet and click “Expand view” beneath the three dots in the upper-right corner.

This will open your wallet in a new browser tab.


Setting menu display on MetaMask

Step 2: Open network drop list

  • Simply pick “Add Network” from the network dropdown menu next to the circular logo.
  • You will be sent to a new screen where you may build a custom network.

This page is also accessible by navigating to the circular logo, selecting “Settings” and then selecting “Networks” in the left pane.

Step 3: Filling up the details of Polygon network


Fill out Polygon info and click save

Now it is time to fill in the blank. 

Network Name: Polygon Mainnet

New RPC URL: or or or 

ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL: 

Click “Save”. You have successfully added the Polygon network to MetaMask.

Transactions on the Polygon network demand MATIC, which will be used as a gas fee. In your MetaMask wallet, you may view both the MATIC symbol and the MATIC balance. 

How To Add Polygon To MetaMask Mobile?

Following the same steps above but you are now on the mobile. Here is how to add Polygon to MetaMask Mobile.

In the mobile application for MetaMask, navigate to Settings -> Networks -> Add Network. Then, copy and paste the information into the Polygon network. You may now send and receive MATIC on your MetaMask wallet and access decentralised applications.

To go back to the ‘Ethereum Network’ on your MetaMask wallet, pick ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ from the network option drop-down menu.

how-to-add-MetaMask -wallet-on-mobile-version

Add Polygon to MetaMask mobile 

Add Other Tokens Than Matic

To display Polygon tokens other than MATIC in the wallet’s user interface, you must manually add them. Note that your wallet is still capable of receiving tokens that have not been imported.

Navigate to PolygonScan and locate the token contract and token data you wish to add. If the coin is not listed on PolygonScan, obtain the contract address from the project’s website or social media pages. Be cautious with fraudulently produced contracts.

Return to the MetaMask interface and select [Import tokens]


Add token to polygon network on MetaMask

Copy the token’s contract address, and MetaMask should populate the remaining fields automatically. If not, manually add them. To conclude, press [Add Custom Token].


Add new tokens on Polygon network

Click [Import Tokens].


Adding other tokens to Polygon on MetaMask

Your wallet will now successfully display the additional token’s balance.

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FAQs About Polygon And MetaMask 

Why Are Gas Fees So High At Polygon?

As the protocol has grown in popularity and the quantity of transactions has increased, gas fees have skyrocketed. In the past few months, Polygon’s (MATIC) gas prices have jumped by 1,000%, from $0.0005 to $0.2 and now back to $0.1.

Does Polygon Have The Same Address As Ethereum MetaMask?

Polygonscan may be used to inspect addresses and transactions on the Polygon (PoS) mainnet. Simply visit and make use of the same Ethereum wallet address as well. If you use MetaMask, copy the address at the top of the MetaMask extension and paste it into the search area on Polygonscan.

What Is Polygon Bridge, And Why Is It Necessary?

Polygon bridge The Ethereum network may be added to MetaMask for user convenience. All sidechains must link to the Ethereum network, which is where the Polygon bridge comes into play.

Using the Polygon bridge, Ethereum users may move their assets and non-fungible tokens to the Polygon network. This is required to gain access to Dapps and other tools on the Polygon bridge.


Polygon Bridge

Closing Thoughts

By allowing Ethereum users to smoothly switch between blockchains, Binance Chain, Polymath, and the Polygon network have the potential to become important cryptocurrencies. This is excellent news for all Ethereum projects since it lowers the barrier to entry for using their platform.

Moreover, Polymath is built to handle a polygon’s unique set of security tokens called MATIC. Binance is attempting to promote its initiative in this area because it views security tokens as a significant way in which blockchain technology will disrupt the crypto economy, and Finance wishes to be at the forefront of this upheaval.