Step By Step Guide Of How To Add Fantom To MetaMask


15 July 2022

How can I join the Fantom Ecosystem and start earning from it beyond just purchasing the $FTM Token? We’ve got you covered. If you like to go further, this Fantom Project Review may be found here. This course, bePAY will provide guidelines to add Fantom to MetaMask.

There are several reasons to begin using Fantom, like cheap gas costs, network speed, and forthcoming changes in the network, to name a few. We must configure a wallet compatible with the Fantom Network. MetaMask will be used for this purpose.

The $FTM Token is the Gas on the Fantom Network; thus, we must add some $FTM Tokens to our fresh setup Wallet. We will also explore how to transfer coins from the Ethereum or Binance Chain Networks to the Fantom Network (note that there will be gas fees). No problem if you already have a Fantom wallet and MetaMask installed. 

About MetaMask And Fantom 

About MetaMask

It is essential, before getting started, to have a solid understanding of what MetaMask is. A cryptocurrency wallet that connects to the Ethereum network, MetaMask, is what you need. Tokens that are based on Ethereum, such as ERC20, 721, and others, may be stored in a MetaMask wallet.

It is more common to use MetaMask for communicating with the Ethereum blockchain. Still, it is also possible to attach it to the Fantom network, which will allow you to use MetaMask for conducting FTM transactions. In addition to the aforementioned transaction, BNB may be traded on decentralized markets for various currencies.


Fantom and MetaMask explanation

About Fantom

The Fantom Network (FTM) is a platform for decentralized digital assets and apps. Fantom Smart Contract and Fantom DeFi have been shown to be extremely scalable and completely interoperable with native Ethereum chain applications.

Fantom Mainnet is referred to as the Fantom Opera Network, and similar to other networks, you require a Fantom Wallet to use all of its features. You can only access Fantom (FTM), the Fantom Ecosystem, and Fantom FTM coins by connecting your wallet to the Fantom Network.

Fantom Ecosystem’s astounding network speeds and general reliability make the Fantom Network an excellent choice for experiencing new DeFi prospects.

Since Fantom is completely compatible with Ethereum, MetaMask may be used to link it. To exchange tokens, users may utilize MetaMask to engage with Dapps on Fantom, such as DeFi lending and borrowing platforms.


Fantom network explanation

How To Add Fantom To MetaMask Mobile And Desktop?

If you want to add Fantom to MetaMask mobile device, the guide is the same as adding Fantom to MetaMask on the desktop version. In this guide, we will concentrate on how to add fantom to MetaMask on the desktop guides only.

MetaMask operates on the Ethereum Network natively. Therefore, if you want to link the same address in your wallet to many networks, you must execute a manual operation. For example, if you wish to add Polygon to MetaMask, the procedure is almost the same as adding Fantom to MetaMask.

The present network will not change on its own, so we must take action. All networks other than Ethereum’s mainnet must be manually added to your MetaMask wallet. As complicated as this may look to newbies, the technique is really rather straightforward.

Let’s quickly connect MetaMask Wallet to the Fantom Network (FTM) without further ado.


A step-by-step guide on how to add Fantom to MetaMask

Want to learn the procedure? Refer to the following blog post:

Step by step guide on adding Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask

Step 1: Setup MetaMask Wallet

At first, start to download and install MetaMask. As you are aware, the wallet has both a MetaMask plugin and a mobile app. For this purpose, any version of the MetaMask wallet will suffice, so just download MetaMask.

MetaMask may be downloaded and installed on Chrome, iOS, and Android through the MetaMask website. Verify that you’re on the official MetaMask website to guarantee you’re downloading the correct file.


MetaMask download options

We already have in-depth information about how to install and create a MetaMask wallet, so you can do research by yourself.

Next, after creating a MetaMask wallet, don’t forget to store your seed phrases in a safe place. The next step is to connect to the Fantom Network.

Step 2: Tap The “Ethereum Mainnet” Button.

After MetaMask has been downloaded and installed on your device, you must launch it. Because it is simpler to copy and paste the Fantom Network (FTM) information, we will demonstrate how to accomplish this using the browser extension.

Step 3: Select “Add Network” 

Select “ETH Mainnet” after clicking the MetaMask icon. There, the option “Add Network” will be shown. On mobile, you must pick “Custom RPC”. It is the exact same approach and will lead you to the exact same page where you will enter your Fantom Network credentials.


Add a new network to MetaMask

Step 4: Complete The Fantom Network Information

This is where you link additional networks, such as the Fantom Network, to MetaMask. Enter the following information in the fields requested:

  • Network Name: Fantom Opera 
  • New PC URL:
  • ChainID: 250
  • Symbol: FTM
  • Block Explorer URL:

To save the information, use the Save button.

You may now switch to the Fantom Network (FTM) at any time by selecting the network.


Fantom Network details when adding to MetaMask

If you want extra help throughout this procedure, please consult the official Fantom Network instructions by clicking here.

Step 5: Start Send And Recieve FTM Tokens To Your Wallet

In our MetaMask wallet, you can now manage the FTM token, store FTM coins, and even stake the Fantom FTM chain.

Since your wallet is already linked to the Fantom Network, it is now simpler than ever to navigate DApps, DEXs, and DeFi tools. Thus, the Fantom Network is connected to MetaMask.

Remember that you may perform these actions on both your mobile device and desktop PC. bePAY is your number one destination for further MetaMask-related information.


Account displays the FTM token on MetaMask

FAQs About Add Fantom To MetaMask

Is The Network Of Fantom Opera Secure?

Yes. The consensus mechanism used by Fantom Opera assures speed, scalability, and, most importantly, security. This topic may be researched further on the FTM website.

Can MetaMask Be Used With Fantom?

MetaMask is a wallet application and browser plugin that communicates mainly with the Ethereum mainnet. The extension may be downloaded from the official MetaMask website. MetaMask may also communicate with other networks, like Fantom, in addition to Ethereum.


Questions about the way to add Fantom to MetaMask

How To Fix “MetaMask Does Not Display FTM”?

FTM is not visible in MetaMask. If you have not added the Fantom network to MetaMask, please do so. If you have not included the FTM Token in the instance of ERC-20 FTM, the transaction will fail.

If you have not been connected to the Fantom network, add it. Transfer the correct variation of the FTM. The three variants of FTM are FTM-ERC20, FTM-BEP20, and FTM-FRC20. If you have transmitted the FTM-ERC20 variation to MetaMask, you must import the FTM token into your Ethereum mainnet-based wallet.

Click Import Tokens on MetaMask to import the FTM token.

Then enter the address of the FTM Ethereum contract from

Finally, press [Add] Custom Token.

Fantom: Is It An ERC20?

Fantom has ERC20 tokens, but they cannot be used on the Opera mainnet directly.

Final Thoughts

Once Fantom has been installed on your MetaMask, you may begin trading, collecting NFTs, communicating with DeFi DApps, and managing your cryptocurrency. Additionally, you may exchange tokens inside the addon. MetaMask is not specific to either the Ethereum or Fantom networks. It may also be linked to other networks that are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine as a whole (EVM).

Among them are the BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Harmony, among others. With the help of our step-by-step instructions, you are now prepared to build more chains and begin exploring.